10 Must-Visit Places for your Next Estonia Trip

10 Must-Visit Places for your Next Estonia Trip

Estonia is a beautiful country located in Northern Europe, with an abundance of natural beauty, historical and cultural attractions, and plenty of activities to keep visitors busy. From its stunning beaches to its ancient forests, stunning towns and villages, and vibrant cities, Estonia is a country that truly has something for everyone.

Here we showcase the top 10 places to visit in Estonia, from exploring its history and culture to sampling its delicious food and drinks. From its vibrant capital city, Tallinn, to its stunning coastline, Estonia has plenty of attractions to keep everyone entertained.

1. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a well-known and picturesque structure in Tallinn's Old Town (Vanalinn). It is a large Russian Orthodox cathedral with ornate decorations. The onion-domed church, which is perched atop Toompea hill and faces the Estonian parliament buildings, is popular with Orthodox believers and visitors alike.

St. Alexander Nevsky, the Prince of Novgorod and a Russian hero who drove away German invaders in the 13th century, is honored in the church's dedication.

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2. Lahemaa National Park

The wild, pine-covered backcountry of the Lahemaa National Park is a huge 725 square kilometers. This makes it one of the largest protected natural areas in all of Europe. The area is between the salty waves of the Baltic and the highways that go east from Tallinn. It is easy for travelers to get to the capital, and it is a nice change from city life.

There are rolling peat bogs, winding boardwalks, dense thickets of spruce and beech trees, the wild Oandu Forest, and the beautiful Hauaneeme Bay, which looks like a pink mirror against the Estonian sunset.

3. Pirita

Pirita is a part of Tallinn that is just a few miles west of the city center and Old Town. The area hugs the coastline and has been home to a convent since at least the 15th century. Many people enjoy spending time on the beaches here. The longest and most popular beach is Pirita Beach, which has a good view of Old Town and the ships in the Gulf of Finland.

During the summer, up to 30,000 people visit the beach each day, and there are ball courts, playgrounds, lockers, chaise lounges, and rentals of water sports equipment here. The Tallinn Botanical Gardens, which are located on both sides of the Pirita River and encompass the entire Pirita River Valley, are a few kilometers away from the coast.

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4. Kadriorg Park

Kadriorg Park is a 173-acre area that was constructed in 1718 on the orders of Russian tsar Peter I. Over the course of several centuries, additional sections have been designed and constructed. Kadriorg Palace is in the park. It was built as the summer home of the tsar and his family. Now it is the presidential palace and a branch of the Estonian Art Museum. Peter I, also known as Peter the Great, lived in a cottage on the property that is now a museum while the palace was being built.

Items from that era fill the rooms, and some of his personal belongings are also on display. A popular route for a stroll through the park is the promenade that connects the pond to the palace and the area near the flower beds that surround Swan Pond. Additionally, a brand-new Japanese garden with plants specifically selected for Estonia's colder climate has been added.

5. Soomaa National Park

The Soomaa National Park, with its flooded forests and mysterious bayous, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and enchanting places in all of Estonia. Overall, the site is a huge 359 square kilometers of rolling dunes and low-lying peat bogs that change colors with the seasons, going from ochre brown to green to white ice.

Ecotourism has grown a lot here in recent years, which doesn't come as a surprise. Today, adventurous travelers come here in canoes and kayaks to paddle the Raudna River and Parnu Basin or to hike the alluvial meadows with cranes and crooked wooden farmhouses.

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6. Tallinn TV Tower

Tallinn TV Tower (Tallinna Teletorn) is Estonia's tallest building, standing at 1,030 feet (314 meters). The construction began in September 1975 and was completed in five years; Since its official opening on July 11, 1980, it has served as a city landmark. After a 49-second elevator ride, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from 175 meters up. A 3D film about the tower is shown to visitors before they go up.

There is also an interactive Estonian Hall of Fame exhibition about the greatest accomplishments of Estonians throughout history and a fascinating overview of the tower's history. A special panorama program increases the view by ten times at the viewing level.

7. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

People often hold events at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. It is best known as the site of the Estonian Song Festival, but it is also where the biggest outdoor concerts in the area take place. The Song Festival Grounds can fit up to 15,000 singers under the arch, and there is enough space for 100,000 people to watch. Here you can learn about the past and see the sights!

You can climb to the top of the 42-meter-tall Lighthouse, which has a view of the city and Tallinn Bay. The Tallinn Song Festival Grounds complex is a very important piece of architecture. It was the first building built in Tallinn after World War II and was finished in 1960. The park is a good place to walk, play sports, and have a picnic.

8. Seaplane Harbor

The maritime and seaplane museum in Tallinn is called Seaplane Harbor (or Lennusadam in Estonian). In seaplane hangars, there are exhibits that show Estonia's maritime and military history. The exhibits cover three distinct regions: on land, in the water, and in the air. The British-built, 600-ton submarine Lembit is a major draw.

The submarine, which was constructed in 1936 for the Estonian navy, was used by the Soviets during World War II and remained in service for 75 years until it was brought ashore in 2011. A full-scale replica of the British seaplane Short Type 184, which was used by Estonian armed forces before World War II and was the first aircraft to launch an air-launched torpedo at an enemy ship, is also on display at the museum. The only full-size replica of the aircraft in the world can be found in Seaplane Harbor. Historical ships, including the largest steam-powered icebreaker in Europe, are another attraction.

9. Lake Peipus

Lake Peipus is one of the least traveled and investigated regions in all of Estonia, as it is located deep within the southern part of the country and straddles the border with Russia. It is well-known for the traditional way of life that is still practiced around the western beaches of its territory.

Here, lines of lovely, timber-clad towns like Varnja and Kallaste abut empty lakeside coves at Nina and Lahe. Some of the houses in these villages are even made of wood. They are mixed with the occasional huge estate and enfolded in vast swaths of onion fields. There is also a profusion of impromptu farmer's markets, and the mystery churches and religious customs of Estonia's so-called Old Believers are still practiced.

10. Otepaa

In the warmer months, a small number of hikers and mountain bikers come to Otepaa's winding trails in Valga County to walk through the dense fir forests and circle Puhajarve Lake on foot. But when it snows, this city, which calls itself the winter capital of Estonia, really comes into its own.

Nordic ski trails go deep into the woods, the ski jumps are cheered on by the locals, and the different downhill alpine runs have a mix of easy and hard slopes. Aside from outdoor activities, Otepaa has a beautiful church spire and the crumbling remains of an old citadel that history buffs will enjoy.


Estonia is an incredible country with so much to offer. From its stunning cities and towns to its beautiful nature and historical attractions, Estonia is a country that has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for cultural activities, outdoor activities, or just a great time, Estonia is sure to have something.

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant capital city of Tallinn or taking stunning views of its coastline, Estonia is an unforgettable destination. From its delicious food and drink to its amazing sights and attractions, Estonia’s top 10 places to visit will ensure that you will have an unforgettable and memorable experience.

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