A complete guide to choosing hotels in Saudi Arabia

A complete guide to choosing hotels in Saudi Arabia

Located in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is the land of deserts, royalty, and fascination. It is also the home to Mecca and Medina. It is also a country with a friendly and family atmosphere where tourists visit every year. This makes it worth every traveler’s bucket list. This shows that Saudi Arabia is home to many such great landscapes. It is also a perfect blend of both new and old places. From blue sea waters to magnificent landscapes, Saudi Arabia is an attractive place to watch. In Saudi Arabia, there are numerous things to see and even various hotels to stay comfortably. You can search it from http://booking.com/

These places will make you fall in love with the city itself. Moreover, it can allow you to extend your vacation days in beautiful Saudi Arabia. Also, taking into consideration the various ways through which the choice of the hotels will be reliable. 

Top places to visit in Saudi Arabia

Being rich in diverse landscapes, Saudi Arabia has different attractions. From the sea to the desert, mountains to lively towns, there is something for everyone. These places will make an individual fall short of days. This shows that the different places altogether make Saudi Arabia a precious destination. Hence, everything about this city is mesmerizing and unique. 

Thus, it becomes necessary for tourists to explore the different tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia.

8 places to explore in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: This city is a cultural Hubspot for many tourists in Saudi Arabia. All tourists and business travelers will find it to be a cultural treat. Riyadh is a famous city that is the heart of Saudi Arabia. This city retains its charm even after its modernization. Being one of the tribal regions, Riyadh has been transforming its look into a top-notch city. This shows it comes in the first place to visit in Saudi Arabia. This city is a mixture of both modernization and old traditions. This shows that Riyadh is a sophisticated city that comes on display to tourists.

  1. Best time to visit: Mainly between November to March 
  2. Places to visit: Al Masmak Fort, Al Faisaliah Center, and Deerah Souq
  3. Shopping spots: Riyadh Gallery Mall, QASR Mall, and Thaghr Plaza 

Dammam: Being a small city in earlier times, Dammam is the sixth-largest city in Saudi Arabia. The mining of the oil industry has become like a boost for increasing the economy of Dammam. It is one of the popular places for trade and commerce in Saudi Arabia. Besides having scenic beaches and ports, Dammam also has a historic and modern touch. It is a city where tourists can enjoy the beauty and can have a soul-satisfying experience. Though the fishing and pear industry has been the only source of income for Dammam in the previous days. Yet, it did not fail to become a popular country in the land of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Best time to visit: From October to March 
  2. Places to visit: Dammam Corniche, Half Moon Bay, and The Heritage Village 
  3. Shopping spots: Othaim mall, Marina Mall, and Dammam shopping plaza


Al Jubail: Al Jubail is a city known for its industries due to its location on Saudi Arabia's Gulf Sea coast. Being a pearl industry, pearl mining has been a common occupation here. Al Jubail has a petrochemical company that is the fourth largest in the world. Besides this, it also has some scenic beauties. This further makes Al Jubail city the most attractive among all places in Saudi Arabia. It is a good option and is one of the biggest cities of all. 

·      Best time to visit: Usually from October to March 

·      Places to visit: Al Nakheel Beach, Al Fanateer seafront, and Marina

·      Shopping spots: Al Jubail Mall, Galleria Mall

Jeddah: This is the second-largest city in the country of Saudi Arabia. This city is rich in traditions, cultures, and modernism. This is because it has many modern as well as historical places to explore. By offering a mesmerizing atrocity, Jeddah is the biggest city in Saudi Arabia. It has many places to find, which makes it a beguiling city than others. Besides this, with tranquil beaches and breathtaking sights, Jeddah can be a peaceful experience for you. Thus, one can easily experience Jeddah on the planned trip to Saudi. 

  1. Best time to visit: Usually from October to March
  2. Places to visit: Athr Gallery, Jeddah Floating Mosque, and Al Ramah Mosque
  3. Shopping spots: Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia Jeddah, and Serafi Mega Mall

Mecca: It is one of the holiest cities in the west of Saudi Arabia. It is the birthplace of Prophet Muhammed. In this place, every year, millions of devotees gather here. It is one of the spiritually rich and homely places in Saudi Arabia. Mecca is also home to many huge mosques and is a cultural place to visit. The entry is restricted, but with permission, people can enter the mosque for prayers.

·      Best time to visit: From November to March

·      Places to visit: Masjid Al-Haram, The Kaaba and Hira 

·      Shopping spots: Al Hijaz Mall and Mecca Mall

Al Khobar: This place is always busy with travelers coming from one place to another. Al Khobar is a popular city which has surroundings with scenic parks and beaches. The city also has many shopping centers and oil exports. This city further is the biggest commercial and industrial port of Saudi Arabia. This place is also famous for its oil and pearl mining industry. This shows that Al Khobar is the popular industrial hub in Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Best time to visit: February to April and August to November
  2. Places to visit: Corniche Al Khobar and Half Moon Beach 
  3. Shopping spots: Al Rashid Mall and Venicia Mall 

Taif: This place has many museums which showcase the artifacts of both pre-Islamic and post-Islamic periods. The location of Taif is in the southwest province of Mecca. It is also a famous place with a national park which includes vegetation and a huge dam. It is among the best sites in Saudi Arabia to visit. It is also one of the mesmerizing cities which can only be seen in this country.

  1. Best time to visit: Between November to December
  2. Places to visit: Subhra Palace and Al Faisaliah Garden 
  3. Shopping spots:  Jouri Mall 

Tabuk: Being the capital city of the Tabuk region, Tabuk is a major tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia. It is a popular city among travelers. Also, it is a major resting point for Egyptian and Jordanian pilgrims. You can also discover the major archaeological sites and pristine beaches. Also, many attractions will lure you to visit Saudi Arabia at least once. 

·      Best time to visit: Between November to June 

·      Places to visit: Tabuk Castle, At Tawba Mosque and Souq Twaheen 

·      Shopping spots: Al Hokair Mall, Al Makan Mall

On gaining an experience about these places in Saudi Arabia one can get lured to visit. This country has so much to offer to tourists. This country also can provide welcoming hospitality and a wonderful travel experience in Saudi Arabia. 

Abha: It is one of Saudi Arabia's most beautiful cities and the country’s largest. Tourists that enjoy seeing mountainous terrain flock to the city. With a location of approx, 2270 meters, this city experiences a mild climate throughout the year. Therefore, if you look for the hill stations, this place has many stations which you can share in the bucket list. This will help in traveling more efficiently in the country of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Best time to visit: February to May and from September to November
  2. Places to visit: Aseer Regional Museum, Asir National Park, and Jebel Al Akhdar
  3. Shopping spots: Aseer Mall, Al Rashed Mall, and Abha Mall

Things to consider before choosing hotels in Saudi Arabia

Finding a good hotel is one of the most difficult tasks. Along with so many attractions, Saudi Arabia also has many best places to stay from http://booking.com/. However, due to Covid-19, the hotels have been in the closing mode for years. Thus, a few things need to be under consideration when choosing a hotel in Saudi Arabia. Some of the factors which you can consider to avoid a hassle in the eleventh hour are as follows:

Online browsing: There are many luxury hotels and mid-budget hotels to stay in Saudi Arabia. You can browse these hotels online and make a list of the hotels you like to stay in. These hotels need to level the living standard and even become the best places to stay near me on the list.  

Looking for cleanliness: Due to Covid-19, the Government of Saudi Arabia has been looking after the issues of cleanliness and SOPs. Therefore, hotels in Saudi Arabia need to follow it. Hotels have been taking different steps out of their ways to maintain cleanliness in the best resorts and hotels. So, if you have to book a hotel in Saudi Arabia, you need to look for cleanliness and hygiene.

Booking from a solid platform: There are various top Saudi Arabia 5 star hotel lists and even budget hotels. Hence, it becomes essential for the traveler to get access to a solid platform for hotel booking. This will help in looking for the best places to stay in Saudi Arabia. In addition, these booking platforms will help in finding the best hotels with clean rooms to stay.

Hotel amenities: The services and the facilities are not ignorable while choosing the best hotels in Saudi Arabia. It is essential to look for the best spa hotels during the choosing of the hotels. In cut-throat competition, the amenities will attract the tourists more during making the choice.

Hiring a tour guide: If the trip is fun, then you can hire a tourist guide. This will make the tour more comfortable and even help you in choosing the right hotel. In addition, you can discuss the budget and the facilities about the luxury hotels and the best resorts near me in Saudi Arabia. 

Contacting the customer support team: It is vital to contact the customer support team of the hotel. This will help ensure that you can make them aware of your stay in the hotel. The staff needs to be cooperative and quick to get the answer of the services. Also, the management needs to be available 24*7 to assist the travelers visiting the hotels.

Looking for various deals and packages: Luxury hotels and spa hotels provide various deals and discounts in the holiday season and festivals. This will allow an introduction to the packages. It will therefore allow the hotels to grab more customers. Also, it will make the trip to Saudi Arabia more entertaining.

Location of the hotel: This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hotel. It is the proximity, among all things, if a traveler is going on a vacation trip to Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, choosing the best places to stay near me is the best option if it is for a business purpose. This will not just save time, but it will also make the trip enjoyable.

Pricing of the hotel: It is also taken into consideration by any traveler that the pricing of the hotel is essential. Once the decision is final, the pricing comes into priority. This is because often, the pricing of the hotel rises to a huge hike during the booking from http://booking.com/. Hence, every traveler needs to search the prices to have an affordable staying experience. 

These factors will take into account the various aspects through which the choice of the hotels will be evitable. Also, it will help in knowing which hotel will be suitable for you and your family in terms of environment and accommodation. 


These are some of the most amazing destinations in the country of Saudi Arabia. Also, the various considerations to choose when booking a hotel in Saudi Arabia. These places will make you fall in love with Saudi Arabia. We hope that you will have a great time experiencing these places to stay once the Covid situation is normal all over the world. 

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