All That You Must Experience In Milan

All That You Must Experience In Milan

Milan has evolved as the centre of attraction in the Italian land owing to its breathtaking scenic gems. Stirring the vibrant blend of traditional and modern life, it manages to win hearts. Its prominent location in the country makes it facilitate both business and tourism goals in the best manner. Hence, it is not a wonder to see it leaping by bounds to make its unprecedented rise in the European itinerary. It features in the European tours to savor visitors with eternal solace and satiation.

However, one cannot strive to make the best of it without having a clear idea of its bounties that thrive in its different corners. Making advancement on that line, one can check out the following indispensable bits that make one’s grand Milan dream tour come true in the best possible way.

1. Devotional Moments At Milan Cathedral

Lose yourself to the grandeur of the iconic Milan Cathedral that casts a spell of wonder with its shimmering bits.  With art scaling its pinnacle owing to the breathtaking design bubbling on its façade, it grabs a unique identity in the world of cathedrals.  Devout hues lace its premises while shedding light on its vibrant history and inspiring rise in the land.

The Duomo of Milan has been standing through centuries to retain the iconic past of the place. Its conventional design makes one drift back to the times of 1386 when its construction finally saw the green flag.  Then, it went through many changes in architectures and architects. Not just that, it also carries the perturbing imprints of the World War times.

One can steal the moments of satiation by stepping into it and cherishing its decorated interiors with devotional mellows imbuing its sphere. Coming up as an epitome of perfectness, it bestows its visitors with the chance to explore its magnificence in the best possible manner. One can venture into its library, archives and museum. Not just that, one can also head to The Music Chapel of the Cathedral to soak in the magic floating around.  So plan an unforgettable day with the thrilling Cathedral tour doing rounds.

2. Shop At Grand Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Shopping lovers can win their moments by hurtling down to the lavish shopping sphere in the city- Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The moment one steps into its vibrant premises, one could not take it like a shopping mall. The rich area takes after the much-celebrated opera house and theatres that don the traditional hues. As one takes a stroll around the scintillating sphere, its essence begins to come to the fore.

The indoor shopping area thrives under four glass-paneled arms. It evolves as a Latin cross-shaped mall. With its construction falling in the period between 1865 and 1877, it carries the ancient texture and design. One can go around it to find many behemoths doing business with their products adorning the shelves and counters. The brand lovers can find the likes of Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Not just that, one can also take a break with relieving moments at the food chains securing their places. One can stumble upon a McDonald’s set-up. Adding to that, one can also get the best coffee shot at Café Biffi that dates back to 1867. One can also win the charm of luck by making way to the Savoy coat of arms. An elegant mosaic bestows one with the chance to get luckier by following an easy ritual. It reflects on the thrilling cultural history of Italy.  

3. Go Artistic At Pinacoteca di Brera

Located in the Palazzo Brera, Pinacoteca di Brera gives visitors every reason to bask in the glory of art with art bounties thriving on its premises. Enticing visitors, it also retains the moments of its transformations. Before donning its art gallery looks, it thrived in the form of a convent and a national museum. Finally, the 19th-century crowned it as a scintillating museum.

Putting up the best of the Italian art pieces on display, it cements its golden case. Its timeless art collection goes a long way in enticing its visitors. One can find the art pieces reflecting on the golden bits of the contemporary art in form paintings, etc. To illuminate its sphere with artistic hues, it has a collection of great works like the Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael, Pieta by Bellini, the Last Supper by Rubens and the Adoration of the Magi by Correggio. Not just that, its subtle building also present visitors with the best in kind moments with its iconic architecture. It dates back to the 14th-century and dwells on the remains of the monastery of the Umiliati order.

Adding to that, one can also cherish the beauty of cultural institutions. They thrive around to disseminate the charm of Italian culture. Thus, one can keep up with the events lacing its premises to choose the day that could script a golden visit to the art gallery.

4. Waft In Leonardo da Vinci National Museum Of Science And Technology

Here is another art platform on the Milanese platter. And, the Leonardo da Vinci fans have a reason to smile as it is the much-celebrated Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology. It came to its present-day form in the golden hours on 15th February 1953. Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci’s life and his works, it comes with the best in the kind collection of his works.

Not just that, it also has collaborations with many other educational institutions to disseminate the shimmering bits around the world. The largest museum of Italy not only builds on his works and vision, but it also goes ahead to further the scenario. Thus, to reflect on its essence in the best possible manner, it comes with a set of objectives. Sticking to that line, it has come up with many educational incentives on its premises where it strives to impart the best education. For instance, it runs the Center of Research in Informal Education to delve into the informal educational methods.

One can head to its library and archive to get a better hold of its affairs. Apart from that, one can go on cherishing the permanent exhibitions that throw light on Leonardo da Vinci’s great works.

5. Bask At Piazza del Duomo

Monuments, royal spaces and cathedral hues mingle to form the landscape of Piazza del Duomo. Throwing up the best of the kind delights for visitors, it comes as an open public space, thriving with the green vibes. Its bits date back to the golden era of 11th and 14th century. Art comes in full bloom at the spot in the form of architectural bliss. One can live bubbling moments exploring the monuments and other structures.

They woo visitors with the glory of medieval architecture in various forms. Marble and mosaics come together to form the plinth of the place. The cathedral, the baptistery, the bell tower (the ‘Leaning Tower’) and the cemetery evolve as the cornerstones. The bare walls and arched galleries form the heart of its uniqueness. The triangular fronton with heavy cupolas adds glitter to it. The breathtaking architecture opens up the way for Pisan Romanesque style studies.

The first King of united Italy – Vittorio Emmanuel graces the place with his statue. Apart from that, one can also cherish the presence of vibrant stores and food corners serving their best delights to visitors. Thus, shopping lovers can make the best of their visit and win their favorites marking their moments. Also, one can bask under the sun, watching Milan life unwinding itself at the place. Leisure moments thus materialize themselves in the best manner in its magic. Reflecting on its grandeur, it has managed to make it to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List.

6. Win Sporty At AC Milan San Siro Stadium

Thriving close to the centre of Milan, AC Milan San Siro Stadium makes waves in the city.  It mushroomed up with the nod of AC Milan’s president- Piero Pirelli in 1925. The football ground has been thriving in the best form over the years. Holding the capacity of more than 80000, it manages to allure a huge crowd of spectators cheering for their favorite teams during the key matches.

Not just its ground but its architecture also adds to its case. Coming with marvelous circular towers that poise the colossal tiers, it goes a long way to win hearts. Apart from that, it dons a roof that extent to partially cover the ground. It wins the likes of football fans as it is the home ground of AC Milan and Inter Milan. Thus, the thrilling atmosphere builds up when they play in the ground with their fans cheering for them.

To bring that facet in the best possible way, it comes with a museum. One can go down the memory lanes to grab the history of the two clubs at the grounds. Also, one can get many picture-perfect corners to celebrate football fervor to the full.  Thus, one can head to the stadium to drench oneself in the football bliss.

7. Stroll Down The Brera District

Milanese art comes in the best form to entice visitors when one takes a stroll down the Brera district. Donning the title of being the ‘artistic district’ of the city, it supports many art forms in its corners to weave a magical walk experience for souls. The streets covering the area bring out the original facet of Milan life. The narrow ways running around take one into another world that thrives in the city.

To build on art as the cornerstone, many art galleries occupy the golden spaces in the area. Not just that, one can also halt at workshops to get their delight bubbling around. It is home to many celebrated names like Accademia di Belle Arti with Pinacoteca (the Brera Picture Gallery). Apart from that, one can also venture into the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense (Braidense National Library) and the Museo Astronomico (The Astronomical Museum). Adding to that, one can also cherish the green bliss at Giardino Botanico (Botanical Gardens).

Apart from that, one can shape their leisure moments in the best possible manner by relishing some delicacies on the way. For instance, one can take a break at Princi. Not just that, one can also unleash one’s shopping soul to win the best deals shimmering in the stores along the lanes.

8. Navigate To Naviglio Grande

Discover the beauty of canals thriving in Milan by navigating your way to Naviglio Grande. Shimmering as one of the two canals in the city, its construction dates back to 1177. Stretching between Porta Ticinese and the Ticino river, it offers scintillating bits to visitors to cherish their Milan stay.  It runs down for around 49.9 km with a total drop of 34 meters.

It evolved as a canal for navigation and irrigation purposes. It draws its waters from the Ticino in the district of  Lonate Pozzolo (Tornavento). It breathes its end in the dock Darsena di Porta Ticinese. One can follow the canal to come through the hidden gems embedded in Milan. Following the route, one can stumble across old buildings and structures storing the cultural wealth.

Not just that, one can also cherish the best possible leisure moments at the restaurants serving their bounties along the canal. Adding to that, many stores and shops throw open their doors to let one pick an alluring souvenir. They can get the best deals on vibrant bits to mark their visit in the best manner. Hence, the Naviglio Grande promenade takes one through the less travelled ways to unveil the mesmerizing bits and moments in Milan. Also, get yourself startled by the scenic sunset views ruling the sky along the canal.

9. Capture Solace At Church Of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Breaking away from the sumptuous patterns of the contemporary Cathedral beauties, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie greets visitors with its simplicity. Solace accompanies satiation to evoke one’s soul with its vibrant sphere. Located in the heart of Milan, it dons the beauty of Gothic style with red bricks and a rear basilica. Thus, it goes a long way to reflect on the era of its construction- 1497.

Located in the heart of Milan, it thrives on the Corso Magenta and sits at the opposite side of Milan to the Duomo. It soars ahead to deliver the charming moments in artistic hues.  One can admire the iconic art pieces by Leonardo da Vinci- The Last Supper. The mural takes one to the Last Supper scene of the Bible with its mesmerizing depiction.

Many philosophical souls flock to the Church to get the core idea of the masterpiece in line with Biblical verses. Thus, it evolves not only as a religious corner but also as an art sphere. The sublime catholic beauty treasures relieving moments to mark its presence in the best possible manner. Also, it has managed to bask in glory with its mention in the much-celebrated UNESCO World Heritage list.

10. Fantastical Bliss At Castello Sforzesco

Celebrating the mystic nature of time, Castello Sforzesco takes the centre with its alluring bits.  Located in the central part of Milan, it dons the architectural beauty of different periods and regimes. Serving as a Visconti fortress in its initial years, it has evolved over the year to win its present-day form. As its name brings out, it also thrived as an accommodation of the Sforzas- the much-celebrated rulers of Milan.

Many artists like Donato Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci bestowed it with their artistic charm and magic. After many rounds of restoration, it finally managed to bask in the present-day glory. Its front dons brick wall with battlements and frame by a central guard tower.   The circular keep-towers throw in the reflection of the era when it was a military complex.

Not just that, one can also go through the library and museums that bring out its evolution.

11. Sant Ambrogio

With its building dating back to 379 AD, Sant Ambrogio came into form with its consecration by St. Ambrose. Since then, it has come a long way in retaining its original architectural delight. Thus, one can admire its Lombard Romanesque style in the present time. Locals have gathered at the Church to live their religious sides over the years.

One can see it donning the charm of two towers in its front façade. The ornate arches adorn its central courtyard.  Not just its exteriors but its interiors also come riding on amusing bits. For instance, one can cherish the iconic mosaic works like the ceiling of the Oratory. Not just that, one can also admire Christ making waves on its dome.

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