Amazing Things You Should Do While You’re in   Brussels

Amazing Things You Should Do While You’re in Brussels

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is a major European hub. Brussels's history may be traced back to the 9th century, with the first record of the city's existence dating to the 10th century. Brussels is a great place to visit because of its unique culture. Europe's standard fare of art and architecture sits alongside more offbeat sights, ensuring that no visitor will be bored. Here are some of the best things to do in Brussels.

1. Visit Grand Place

The Grand Place is Brussels, Belgium's most popular landmark. It's one of the most stunning public spaces in all of Europe, and UNESCO has recognized it as a World Heritage Site. Brussels's central square, known as the Grand Place, has been a gathering place since the 17th century. The Brussels Town Hall and the Royal Palace are only two of the many famous structures that surround the central plaza.

Guests may take in the sights, eat at one of the numerous eateries, or just appreciate the structures. The highlight of each city bus trip around Belgium should be a visit to this site. All sorts of stores offering Belgian chocolate, waffles, and other delectable foods can be found on the Grand Square.

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2. Watch Manneken Pis

One of Brussels' most well-known landmarks is the iconic Manneken Pis. It's a little statue of a boy urinating, and it's placed downtown. Getting to Manneken Pis is simple; simply look for the small man in the midst of town and urinate in peace. It's always interesting to see what he's wearing since he tends to switch things up rather often. Many attempts have been made throughout history to steal or damage Manneken Pis.

The original statue of him may be seen at the Brussels City Museum; the present statue is a 1965 copy. There have been numerous tributes to him and other sculptures like him over the years, cementing his place as a cultural icon of Brussels and Belgium. The character enjoys putting on clothes and has a closet filled with almost a thousand garments. Self-deprecating as she is, she serves as a prime example of an authentic Belgian character, and her wit (Zwanze) is much admired in the capital city.

3. Royal Museum of Armed Forces and Military History

If you are interested in military history, a visit to the Museum of the Army and Royal Military History is a must while in Brussels. The museum, which can be found in the Parc du Cinquantenaire, has an extensive collection of ancient military items. Since Bordio's construction had not been finished in time for the 1897 International Exposition, a makeshift building had to be created there.

He ceased construction in 1890 owing to a lack of funding and it was not resumed until the architect's death in 1904. The next year, French architect Charles Giraud took over, and under the patronage of Leopold II, the project was finally finished. In order to accommodate the King, the original design for the Arc de Triomphe was altered and the structure's height increased.

4. Visit Atomium

Atomium is a great place to visit if you're interested in seeing large and impressive structures. In the suburbs of Brussels stands a massive building known as the Atomium. It has nine interconnected spheres and was constructed for the 58th Universal Exposition.

To get a birds-eye perspective of the city, just ride the elevator to the top of any of the spheres. The 925 tonnes of iron used to construct the renowned Atomium are meant to depict the stacked spheres that make up molecules and compounds.

The Unisphere in New York City's Flushing Meadows Park was reportedly influenced by its innovative design.

5. See Church of St. Michael and St. Gudula

Church of Saint Michel and Saint Gudule is a Gothic structure in Brussels. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, too. Located in a stunning area of Belgium, this cathedral is a must-see as one of the country's most significant religious buildings. The church is mostly devoted to Sainte Gudule, although there is also a chapel there honoring Saint Michel.

This magnificent Gothic cathedral's tower soars a lofty 210 feet into the air. Inside you'll find a number of statues of Jesus Christ and other holy leaders. Also stunning are the stained-glass windows. The only cost is a modest one if you want to go up the tower and take in the views, but the church itself is free to see.

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6. Go shopping at Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

In the heart of Brussels lies the retail mall known as Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (or simply Galerie Royale Saint Hubert). One of the world's oldest malls, it's a fantastic spot to pick up mementos from your travels. One of the best places in Brussels to sample the local cuisine and culture.

The shopping center was opened in 1847 as a marketplace. By 1885, it had closed and transformed into one of Europe's first enclosed retail centers. Over two hundred stores and eateries call this shopping center home. A day spent window shopping and people watching is well spent here. The galleries may be found on the block bounded by Marche aux Herbs/Grasmarkt to the south and Montagne/Bergstrasse to the east, Arenberg/Arenbergstrasse to the north, Equiyer/Schildknabsstrasse to the west, and Dominicanstrasse to the east.

West of the intersection of the Predikherenstraat and the rue des Bouchers (also known as the Beeuhouwersstraat), you'll find the Predikherenstraat. Brussels Central Station provides service to this location.

7. Visit the Royal Palace of Brussels

The Belgian royal family resides at the Brussels Royal Palace. The park, right in the heart of town, welcomes guests from April through September. Although entry to the palace is free, there is little cost to see the royal living quarters.

The highest building in the plaza is the Palais Royal, the official house of the Belgian royal family, and one of my favorite subjects to shoot in Brussels. The palace is surrounded by neoclassical cultural buildings.

The current structure's foundation was laid around the close of the 18th century. The site, however, was formerly a part of Coudenberg Castle, a massive Middle Ages royal complex. Leopold II ordered the construction of the present facade to begin after 1900.

8. Enjoy the coffee culture at Cirio

The Brussels Royal Palace is where the Belgian monarch and his or her family make their permanent home. The park in the middle of town is open to the public from April to September. To tour the royal apartments, however, there is a little fee in addition to the general palace admission.

You can take photographs in Brussels is the Palais Royal, the tallest structure in the square, and the official residence of the Belgian royal family. Around the palace are other neoclassical cultural structures. The cornerstone of the present building was placed around the end of the 18th century. Nonetheless, the area was formerly a part of Coudenberg Castle, a vast royal structure from the Middle Ages. After the year 1900, Leopold II gave the order for the current façade to be built.

9. Taste Belgian Chocolate

Belgium makes some of the best chocolate in the world, so you should try some while you're in Brussels. In fact, Brussels is one of the best places in the world to sell cocoa and chocolate.

People say that Belgians are "obsessed with chocolate." This is true all over the country, but especially in Brussels. These people are crazy about cocoa beans.

From truffles to chestnut bars and everything in between, you can find chocolates everywhere. There are many shops that sell different kinds of Belgian chocolate, which can be confusing at first. But don't worry, shop owners will give you plenty of tips along the way.

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10. Visit the Belgian Museum of Fine Arts

The Royal Belgian Museum of Fine Arts is a group of museums with more than 20,000 works of art from all over history. There are also drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, prints by Piranesi and Dürer, and a large number of important examples of decorative art like ivory carving, goldsmithing, and waterworks. Crystal, etc. If you go to this museum collection, you'll be immersed in an atmosphere that helps you learn more about how people lived in the Middle Ages (for example, what they wore or how their homes looked).

There are more than 20,000 drawings, sculptures, and paintings from the early 1500s to the present day in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts. This includes works by Brueghel, Roger van der Weyden, Robert Campin, Anthony van Dyck, Jakob Jordaens, and Peter Paul Rubens, among other Flemish masters. It is the most visited and well-known art museum in Belgium. The Magritte Museum has the most works by surrealist Rene Magritte in the world.

11. See the Brussels Christmas Market

If you're visiting in the winter, the Brussels Christmas Market is a great place to find gifts and decorations, as well as enjoy festive food stalls. Also, it's a lot of fun for kids!

It's in the middle of Brussels and is open from the end of November to the beginning of January. At the market, there are a lot of stands selling toys, food, and Christmas decorations. You can also enjoy the holiday spirit created by the music and lights.

If you're looking for something to do in Brussels in the winter, you should spend a night or two at the Christmas markets to see and hear everything the city has to offer. It's a great way to get into the holiday mood!

12. Go ice skating at Grand Place

Skating is a popular wintertime activity in Brussels, and there are many places to do it. Place du Grand Sablon, which has an outdoor rink, is one of the most popular. The famous Grand Place has also been turned into an ice rink. It's fun for both kids and adults, and it's a great way to see the square in a different way.

From mid-November to early January, you can use the rinks. If you're going to be in Brussels in the winter, skating is a great thing to do. It's a lot of fun and a good way to stay in shape.


Belgium's capital, Brussels, is a fascinating place with stunning architecture and fascinating history on every street and valley. The atmosphere of the city cannot be described in words it has Manneken Pis and Comic Strip Center. Cutting-edge art, cartoons, beautiful parks, and good beer are just some of the best things to do in Brussels.

Brussels has everything from world-class beer to delicious chocolate, best things to do in Brussels are amazing and you will definitely love it. You can plan your perfect bucket list with the help of this list.

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