Best Hotels To Experience The Luxury Of Milan

Best Hotels To Experience The Luxury Of Milan

Milan draws thousands of explorers and holiday lovers every year. Its cultural and fashion treasures go a long way to send in invitations to wanderlusts around the globe. The city has managed to evolve as a shimmering vacation and business destination over the years. Every alley in the Italian fashion hub offers bouts of wonder and fascination. Thus, it takes longer for one to check out the travel revelries in Milan. Grabbing the fact, Milan houses many luxurious hotels to offer an unforgettable stay in its land.

Compressing the best hotel picks to some extent, here are some of the chart-bursting hotel names in the city.

1. Hotel Viva Milano by Sercotel

Hotel Viva Milano by Sercotel stands at the top of the list for its prominent location in Milan. The three-star hotel falls at 15 minutes distance from Central Milan to capture the preferences of tourists. Souls can win big by putting stay here to explore the area in the best possible manner. It braces up with warm hospitality to rope in home-like feeling for its customers.

Settling in for demand variations, the hotel comes with 55 rooms. Not just that, they fall in different categories to serve the needs and purposes of customers. Thus, one can choose from singles, doubles, twins, triples and family size rooms to make the best of their stay and money in Milan. The free Wi-Fi facility on its premises and arranged parking area add stars to its case.

Apart from that, they can also look forward to soothing moments at its cafeteria and rest area. With reservation at the hotel, one can step out to explore Teatro alla Scala, Museo del Duomo and Citta Studi without any hassles.

2. Château Monfort

Château Monfort is the hub of fantasy in the hotel culture in Milan. The 5-star hotel makes waves around the city with the scintillating bits on its board. Located in the heart of Milan, it overlooks Piazza Tricolore in the Monforte district. It wins hearts with its stunning décor and ambience. The opera and ballets hues flow around the hotel to entice visitors to a great extent.

An Art Nouveau jewel decorated by architect Paolo Mezzanotte stands there to give a warm welcome to the souls stepping in. The hotel looks to accommodate the fantasy lovers to the best possible extent with 77 rooms. The fairy-tale setup of the rooms fascinates visitors of all ages. The personalized designing of each room goes ahead to bestow a unique identity to them. Paintings and furnishings take into the world of magic.

Apart from that, it also offers an out of the world experience at its much-celebrated Spa Amore & Psiche, and Restaurant Rubacuori. One can head to Cella di Bacco to cherish private dining with the stunning décor.

The guests at the hotel can spend the time constructively by exploring the Duomo (Cathedral) and the Teatro alla Scala, San Babila and Palazzo Reale that fall at a short distance from the hotel.

3. NYX Hotel Milan

If you desire to spend your time in Milan with art and music drenching every moment around, then NYX Hotel Milan is the pick you. Donning the title of being an urban hotel in the city, it comes as a hotel-cum-art gallery to provide its customers with enough space to grow and nurture themselves. The Milanese street artists have got their best around the hotel. The local cultural heritage envelopes the surroundings beautifully.

Apart from that, it also savors its customers with soothing tunes and musical notes floating in every corner. Its DJ rooms set the floor for them to groove on their favorite beats. Adding to that, the vibrant walls with film posters churn the euphoric mood. To serve customers with the best in kind rooms, it comes with a platter of 299 rooms. Not just families but pets can also cherish their time with their masters in its premises. Its rooftop terrace and garden open up enough space for merry-making.

Adding a commercial shine, it also comes with a business center on the board. Games corners illuminate the case and offer thrilling moments to visitors. One can also check out the Clash Restaurant and Clash Bar to gorge on the mouth-watering delicacies. Iconic destinations like La Scala opera house, Sforzesco Castle, Quadrilatero della Moda, Quartiere Isola, etc., are also within the reach with its amiable local tourist guides.

4. Hotel Nhow Milano

A grand welcome awaits the fashion fanatics at Hotel Nhow Milano in the design district of Via Tortona. Disseminating a cosmopolitan feel, it presents an alluring fusion of modern and traditional hues. Its building was initially an industrial house of General Electric by architect Matteo Thun.

With 246 rooms on the list, it goes a long way to unleash the potential of creativity. One can find the rooms donning vibrant hues complementing the furniture. They together go ahead to weave a thrilling theme to greet customers on the other end. From rooms to the dining area, everything extends the idea of serving creatively. Apart from that, one can also check out its terrace and fitness corner to grab on the counter.

Not just that, it keeps the fashion and design line up by putting up regular shows and events on its premises. Adding to that, the celebrated fashion and design stores also run close to the hotel.  Thus, one can extract a few minutes to explore the fashion vibes reverberating around.

5. Magna Pars Suites

Magna Pars Suites is the home to the vibrant fragrances that bring the Italian perfumery art in the light. Located in Via Forcella, in the Tortona district of Milan, it harbors the serene and green vibes to make a case for tourists’ preference. The Hotel à Parfum thrives on the premises that once housed the industrial operations of the Italian cosmetic brand- Marvin.

Carrying on the legacy, sisters Giorgia and Ambra operate an artisanal perfume laboratory in its winter garden.  The guests at the hotel can cherish the fragrances wafting in their space. Not just that, they can also try out different fragrances and get their favorites for them. It comes with 55 rooms to present Italian magic in the best possible manner.

From furniture to textiles, everything in the room goes in line with the Italian texture. One can choose one’s pick from the executive suite, executive suite family, prestige suite, presidential suite, grand presidential suite and junior deluxe suite.

Apart from that, one can also check out the delicacies rolling out in the celebrated Restaurant DA NOI IN Via Forcella 6 at the hotel for an exotic dining experience.

6. Biocity Hotel Milan

The essence of nature comes in full bloom at Biocity Hotel Milan. It comes bubbling on the air of freshness with the organic bits lacing its premises. The three-star pet-friendly luxury hotel strives to get elegance on the board with its humble offerings to its visitors. It comes riding on natural materials making its premises. From rooms to corners, one can see everything celebrating the charm of nature differently.

Not just that, one can also find the toiletries and cleaning materials at the hotel with organic and biodegradable tint. Bolstering the environment-friendly principle of operation, it comes with a zero-emission climate control system. The energy-efficient heating system at the hotel adds further to that case. One can book a table at BioGusto Bistrot to cherish the bouts of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The iconic spa at the hotel works out the way to win relieving moments for the customers in the best possible way. The ample parking space and presence of free Wi-Fi facility at its facility make it an endearing case for tourist.

Apart from that, one can also look ahead to explore the dazzling nightlife in Milan by heading to Corso Como. One can check out the options for the same at Milan’s central station near the hotel.


Building on the theme of sustainability, STRAF manages to weave its magic in the city center. Located near Duomo Cathedral, it looks to serve its customers with warm and informal hospitality. It takes all the elements by its side to foster the art of well being. Putting the principles of recycling at its disposal, it has got recycled materials adorning its premises. The idea goes back to the thoughts of the fashion designer- Vincenzo De Cotiis.

Putting his interior designing flair on the right note, the architect managed to transform a 19th -century palazzo into this stunning hotel. It stands out among the hotel chains for its installations. Apart from that, one can also consider it for its elegant 64 rooms. Keeping the modern-day comfort and amenities at the center, it offers a vibrant platter of rooms varying from single to lavish suite.

Adding to that, it also comes with a fitness center and offers massages on request of customers. For workaholics, there also exists a meeting room. It entices tourists by putting up grand fashion and art shows. Not just that, musical beats also envelop the surroundings in lovely evenings.

8. Armani Hotel Milano


When it is about luxury, Armani has to be there. Thus, Milan dons the privilege of having Armani Hotel Milano in Quadrilatero della Moda. Raising the bars of temptation to another level, the 5-star hotel comes with elegant décor and services. With 95 rooms hosting tourists from all over the world, it stands high in reputation and expectations.

One gets to pick a room from a wide collection ranging from the decent Armani Deluxe Room to the scintillating  Armani Presidential Suite. There are enough choices to fall in the budget of its customers. The signature style and design of Armani thrive in each room to offer an unforgettable stay for visitors.

Adding to that, it also offers lavish meal counters to satiate the cravings in an elite way. Armani/Bamboo Bar stands ready to host guests for its delectable platter of lunch and drinks. One can also check out the Armani/Ristorante to enjoy meal with iconic Milan view. Fitness freaks can also win big during their stay at the hotel with SPA Wellness and Gym.

The parking facility at the hotel goes a long way to bolster a memorable Milan exploration.

9. Sina De La Ville

Bundling all the delights in one go, here comes the Sina De La Ville. Located in the much-celebrated “Chic district” in Milan, it performs well on most of the parameters. Grabbing the heart of the city, it offers the exotic stay to the vivid Milan explorers. It operates close to Via Montenapoleone, the Duomo and “La Scala” theater, adding to its case.

The four-star hotel receives its guests warmly with out of the world hospitality. Weaving a net of modern and classic architecture, it allures praise from all corners. Coming with 108 rooms decorating its premises, it offers comfort and luxury in the best possible way. One can make a pick from Superior, Deluxe, Junior Suite and Suite to get the best deal.

Apart from that, it also goes ahead to present a satiating dining experience with the stunning area. One can head to L’Opera Restaurant to get the mouth-watering treats. Adding to that, Visconteo Lounge Bar also stirs up the moments with its best in kinds of drinks on the platter.

Work schedules also stand intact with three well-equipped meeting rooms in its premises. ‘amati Wellness and Beauty Spa’ adds glitters to the stay schedule of the guests at the hotel. It offers to relive moments with various therapies and technological bounties. Opera lovers have another reason to smile as they can go for its Opera package at Teatro alla Scala.

10. Mandarin Oriental Milan

Another luxury gem on the list is Mandarin Oriental Milan. The 5-star hotel operates in four buildings belonging to the 18th-century near La Scala. Winning hearts with the blend of traditional Milanese design with Oriental luxury; it makes waves in the heart of the city. The magical interiors take one into an all together different world of luxury.

Style and comfort intertwine to bloom in suites and rooms. In the section of the room, one can choose from Superior, Deluxe and Mandarin rooms. In the suite category, one can find variety with titles varying from Junior suite to Terrace suite.

Its food corners wear an alluring look with the presence of Seta. One also gets to cherish the delectable platter by Mandarin Bar and Bistrot. Raising the bars of eternal satiation, one can find the Spa & Wellness offers the best bits. It entices customers with its vibrant packages and offers. Putting up grand services, it manages to win the preferences of guests at the hotel.   

Not just that, it also offers to provide enough space and facilities to put up various events. Thus, one can check out its package for organizing professional events and celebrating personal moments. It also wins the top spot for its prominent location in the city.

11. Hotel Milano Castello

Hotel Milano Castello is the perfect option for ones looking forward to a humble stay in Milan. Located in the heart of the city, it lies close to Duomo and Castello Sforzesco. It greets its guests with spacious rooms and iconic surroundings. The family-friendly hotel offers all the amenities that would put up a satiated stay in Milan. 

With 30 rooms on its boards, it offers a variety of choice to the guests. One can pick any room from single, double and triple rooms. Not just that, one can also book a suite to get a luxurious stay. There are four suites available on its premises. Some of them also come with a private garden. Not just that, the option of getting a Jacuzzi hydromassage is also there.

They can walk to its private garden to sense some relief from the city chaos. They can also reserve it for celebrating auspicious moments. Moving ahead, one can also look forward to adhering to one’s fitness goals in its gym. It comes loaded with all technological bounties and bliss on its counter. One can also check out its bar to get a dose of dreamy moments and celebrations.

Apart from that, one can also check out the delectable breakfast buffet offering the mouth-watering bits on the platter.

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