Best Tourist Spots And The Most Luxurious Hotels In Jordan For A Lavish Stay

Best Tourist Spots And The Most Luxurious Hotels In Jordan For A Lavish Stay

Jordan is an offbeat destination, a progressive, and a liberal nation. It is a beautiful country with history, modernization, delicious food, and wonderful culture. As a result, Jordan is one of the most popular countries and ideal destinations for travelers. Adding in a deeper understanding of the history which is more than thousands of years. The archaeological findings in Jordan will make the travelers explore the historical facts of the country. Nestling in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is a phlegmatic nation.

There are many places to visit in Jordan, from picturesque views to terrific nightlife for travelers visiting the country. This article will help you explore the various places to visit in Jordan. Moreover, the things that will be in consideration before choosing the hotels during your stay in Jordan.

Top 7 places to visit in Jordan

Jordan is a country with various attractions, wonders, and the best hospitality. It is also famous for its many architectural wonders. Also, it has the blessing of many religious sites. 

Dead Sea:

Among all other places to visit in Jordan, the Dead Sea is at the top. The Dead Sea is one of the lowest points. This place is filled with rich and therapeutic water and healing properties. Floating in the sea is also done here to improve the health of travelers.

To look at an interesting fact is that as soon as you enter the water, your body will float on the surface. This is because the water has saline. So everyone can indulge in this. Surrounding the Dead Sea, there are many spa hotels which is a great spot for an itinerary.

  • Best time to visit: From October to February
  • Places to visit: Kalia Beach, Ein Gedi Botanical Garden.
  • Shopping spots: Dead Sea Mall, Sky Blue Mall


Are you anxious to have a seaside vacation? Then Aqaba is the ideal spot. Aqaba is the best mixture of history, culture, and bustling life of the city. It is a beach town where all the locals and even foreigners come for relaxation and enjoyment. In places to visit in Jordan, Aqaba can easily capture the eyes of travelers.

The country also offers many options on the best resorts near me and hotels to stay in. Besides, many water sports reside on the coast of the Red Sea. These spots are the most photogenic and pristine locations in Jordan.

  • Best time to visit: September to October
  • Places to visit: Sharif Hussein Bin Ali, Aqaba Marine Park
  • Shopping spots: Aqaba city-center shopping mall and Dream Mall


Have you seen the seven wonders of the world? If you have not, then you will be amazed at the picturesque Petra. It is one of the main attractions of Jordan, which is also known as the 'Rose City.

Petra has carvings of red stones about which the people were not aware. But these red stones were one of the major sights. Being a mesmerizing town, Petra can help you in choosing an adventure in the city itself. The city also has many restaurants and cafes where travelers and even the locals come to spend time.

  • Best time to visit: Starting from April, May till October to November
  • Places to visit in Petra: Little Petra and Al-Khazneh
  • Shopping areas: Town Bazaar

Jerash Ruins:

To find out the famous places to visit in Jordan, Jerash Ruins is at the top. Jerash Ruins is one of the most preserved and ancient cities in Roman history. There are many areas to visit in Jerash, but you need to take water with you.

As there is no shed in the visiting sites, you need sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sunlight. With this, it shows that Jerash can be one of the fascinating destinations for everyone. Jerash Ruins thus mainly has the remains of ancient and historical sites, which will lure the travelers to visit the place again and again.

  • Best time to visit: Between March, April, May, and June
  • Places to visit: Temple of Artemis and Ajloun castle


Amman is the capital city of Jordan and is a mixture of old and new traditions and cultures. Towering skyline scrapers, this town has many shopping spots and places to visit. This town has lots of surprises which are hidden only for you. But even the nightlife of Amman is mesmerizing. From having famous and marvelous ruins, Amman is an experience that you may not miss when in Jordan.

  • Best time to visit: April and May
  • Places to visit: Ancient Citadel, Jordan Museum, and King Abdullah Mosque
  • Shopping areas: Al Baraka Mall, Taj Mall

Wadi Rum:

Wadi Rum is a great desert landscape. It is one of the renowned places in Jordan. Also, Wadi Rum has the most beautiful sights, which will make it a dream destination in Jordan. With the UNESCO World Heritage Site tag, honeymoon couples can also spend their honeymoon in this beautiful place. If you choose to do glamping, you can ride camels in the spots and enjoy the whole area.

  • Best time to visit: In the middle of March, April and May
  • Places to visit: Jebel Khazali and Wadi Rum Protected Area

King’s Highway:

It is a stretch of an ancient road through which trade has been in facilitation for many years in Jordan. King’s Highway is one of the best places to visit in Jordan. To see a different side, the highway will prove to be fruitful for travelers visiting Jordan. The breathtaking desert sites will be mind-boggling through the mountainous region of the country of Jordan. Hence, it is a worthwhile visiting site in the country of Jordan.

  • Best time to visit: July, August, and September.

Through the knowledge of all these places, you will be in continuous excitement to plan a trip to Jordan. The wonderful beaches, sites, and pristine backgrounds of the areas will help you have a wonderful experience in Jordan.

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Things to consider before choosing hotels in Jordan

Picking a hotel or the best place to stay in Jordan can be daunting and exhausting. Though there are many factors, choosing one of the best places to stay is not an easy task.

There are different types of spas and luxury hotels which you need to choose before thinking about staying. Like all other places to visit in Jordan, even the best places to stay need to be taken into consideration. Some of the things that need to be considered during the choice of hotels in Jordan are as follows. First, let's see which factors are reliable while choosing a hotel.

Amenities: Every hotel has the best of amenities to provide comfort and leisure to travelers. Many luxury hotels provide better amenities. But it is essential to look for it while browsing online. Henceforth will help you to get aware of the availability of the amenities. Also, bring in a comfortable stay within the hotel while staying in Jordan. There are various amenities such as parking, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and breakfast need to be seen before choosing places to stay near me.  

Reading reviews: While looking for luxury hotels, reading reviews is an important task for you. You always need to do this before booking the hotel. However, only reading reviews will not work but even checking the website is essential. Often the address of the hotel brings an issue. Often there is a sense of biases in the reviews. Thus, the travelers need to keep in mind reading the reviews to ensure having a good choice of hotel. But only the recent review will be taken into account as the rules and regulations of the hotels change with time.

Cleanliness and hygiene: As per the guidelines of the Covid-19 situation, cleanliness and hygiene is the priority on the list. Some of the best places to stay in Jordan have been operating for many years. These hotels often do not focus on cleanliness and are never hygienic. But due to the Covid situation, the scene has completely changed! Cleanliness and hygiene is the main factor for staff to keep for the tourists. This is because it will bring safety and security for the tourists staying at the hotels in Jordan.

Pricing: Are you looking for affordable and budget places to stay in Jordan? Then the pricing needs to be looked over before choosing hotels. Pricing is the main factor as every hotel does not have a complimentary breakfast, spa, and swimming pool! Moreover, luxury hotels are not always ideal for every traveler. This is the reason why the pricing is considered to ensure that the hotels are much affordable and relaxing during the staycation.

Offers and discounts: During various festival seasons there are loads of discounts and offers the best resorts and spa hotels. You can look for those on the website, and it might bring a little bit of affordability in the booking cost of the hotel! Also, rooms will be much cheaper than your expectation while looking out for specials in Jordan. Not to take on your surprise, you can also get the best services and amenities available!

Loyalty programs: When you are choosing a hotel, it is essential to look for what hotels are providing in loyalty programs. If you are traveling a lot and staying in hotels frequently. Then these hotels can provide you with the best loyalty programs, which will be a way to go! Many hotels come in partnership with different programs by other hotels. Hence, you can check on the loyalty programs to get the best place to stay in Jordan as a traveler.

Location: Do you want your hotel to be in a preferable location? Then it is to be remembered that location is the first and foremost consideration. Through the searching of the location, it will be easier for you to have a good vacation in Jordan. You need to have one goal while searching for hotels to stay in is the location, as it will help you to reach out to the sighting destinations. If you want to roam the destinations, then it is necessary to look for a nearby hotel. You can dine, shop, and even meet different people in Jordan. If not wrong, then you can also view the scenery from the window of the hotels!

Security: If you pay a bit more attention, then it will be appropriate for you to choose the best places to stay near me. If you can find a securing lock in the hotel room door, then it will be safer for you! Even the surrounding area and the neighborhood around the hotel need to be ideal. It will help you to look after the security. Also, allow you to stay safer inside the hotel.

Atmosphere: If you want to stay comfortable for more than a couple of days, then the atmosphere needs to be good. If you have to share, then you must know them better. Most spa hotels have friendly personnel, which can determine the way you will stay with them. The hospitality of those people can make you feel homely. So, it is an important task to look for the atmosphere and the surroundings of the accommodation. This will surely make you feel at home!


Well, it is not always possible to book a plane or train to look for accommodation spots! Henceforth, nowadays, a traveler gets the privilege of looking for these factors from different internet sources. You can also find various photos and information of the best places to stay near me and the best resorts near me. So, searching for ratings and reviews needs to be seen on the website. If there is a doubt, you can contact the reception of the hotel to know about the service!

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