Best Tourist Spots And The Most Luxurious Hotels In UAE For A Lavish Stay

Best Tourist Spots And The Most Luxurious Hotels In UAE For A Lavish Stay

The United Arab Emirates is a country that is situated in the Middle East part of the Globe. These have further bordered the Gulf of Oman on the side and the Persian Gulf on the other hand. Some of the neighboring countries of this mesmerizing place include Saudi Arabia and Oman. However, this is a country of balanced contradictions where an amazing interaction of modern and traditional advances remains. Also, life in this place is quite amazing and attractive as well.

Are you planning trips to UAE? But not sure how can you opt for the best hotels and best resorts near me? To make things easier, you can think of this article as here, you avail of the complete guidance needed to choose a hotel from Also here, you can get information's on the best places to visit in UEA.

List of best places to visit in UAE (including brief about the places)

For tourists, this is an amazing place to consider for vacation, as it allows a lot of things to perform and contains some eye-catching locations and places to stay that you don't want to miss out anyhow. It further consists of the 7 important emirates, among which Abu Dhabi is the largest one which takes about 87% of the whole country.

The top 10 lists of best places to visit in the UAE are further listed below:

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the largest skyscraper in Dubai and is the world’s most attractive place to visit. This is the first attraction of people who visits the UAE. Since 2008, this has remained the highest building in the whole world and contains a perfect mixture of cultures from all over the world. This beautiful work of genius also holds gatherings and events. If you are visiting the UAE and have not gone to Burj Khalifa, your whole vacation can become worthless.

Best time to Visit- Throughout the year

Timing- 9 AM- 11 PM 

2. Abu Dhabi

If you search places to stay near me while staying in UAE, you can see that Abu Dhabi remains from 1st to 5th position. This part of the UAE depicts the lavish lifestyle as it is the capital place of the UAE. This place is filled with attractive things, including the Emirates PALACE, Al Jahili Fort, and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Also, if you visit this place in the summer season, you can visit the attractive shores and water parks.

Best time to visit- December to March 

3. Dubai

Ostentatious Magnificent home to the Burj Khalifa is the best place to stay in UAE with family. In this city, you can visit a multitude of behavior and also avail a wonderful sand coast along with the various shopping malls, amusement parks, and world-class cuisine. For shopping, Dubai is the most preferred one as no additional taxes are placed on the items allowing individuals to buy more and more.

 Shopping Site- The Marina, including the Dubai Mall

Best time to Visit- November and December 

4. Sharjah

Sharjah further helps to depict the heritage of the country. These look beautiful and further provide a glimpse of the rich culture. Several people visit this city to enjoy the vestigial sites. Also, another attraction that makes it the best place to stay in the car museum, where you can witness varieties of cars from the '90s to the modern world.

Some other best places include the King Faisal Mosque, Heritage District, Manhattan Fort, Sharjah Heritage Museum, and many more. 

Best Time to Visit- From the months of October-April 

5. Palm Islands

Palm islands are the world's most famous human-made archipelagos globally and are constructed with the help of three islands, including the Palm Jabel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, and Deira Islands. All these three islands together make the palm islands. Here you can witness some mind-blowing infrastructure, along with splendid designs. Also, several entertaining sites are present on this one big island. 

Furthermore, here you can avail yourself of the Saudi Arabia 5-star hotels list, along with luxurious spa hotels. This, however, makes this one of the most attractive and sought-after places to reside.

Best Places- luxury hotels and resorts.

Best time to Visit- September and October 

6. Al-Ain

Al-Ain is also commonly called the Garden City of the Gulf, which is the greenest city in all over the UAE. Here, you can witness the contrasting beauty of the large mountains, small houses, and green expanses. Here you can also witness the famous Camel Racing shows that are interesting and mesmerizing on their own. Also, this place has the Al Ain Zoo, Al Ain Oasis, Public Gardens, and Jebel Hafeet as the appealing spots of Al Ain.

Best Time to Visit- May to September 

7. Ras Al-Khaimah

This is a unique place among the other places to stay, as this place allows individuals to perform activities while enjoying the beauty of the UAE. If you have kids, then they will love it along with adults. It broadcast sit rich cultural heritage with the help of cuisine, culture, and art. Also, some of the adventure activities like the Rocky Mountains as well hiking, cycling, and zip-lining.

Best Time to Visit- December to February 

8. Gold Souk

This is a huge market and is the most favorite destination for shopaholic persons. This is a market of gold, where you can avail of all the varieties of gold. Also, you can avail some best herbs and other products like pure quality saffron, pure tea bags, and many more. This place has a different shine and glows on its own. Also, you can avail yourself of the rows and rows of shops selling golds with all varieties of designs. Money flies in this area, and it becomes tough to resist the patience of buying.

Timing- 10 am-10 PM on Saturdays-Thursdays

On Friday remains open for 4 PM-10 PM 

9. Masdar City

Masdar City is the nearest city situated in the Abu Dhabi International Airport and is built in a way so that it can continue the process of sustainable development. This is an amazing architecture that can make a person remain stunned. In this location, you can also avail yourself of the most popular Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, which remains open the whole day for the tourists. Due to the huge and advanced architecture, it is also considered the city of the future. If you miss this one, then you can miss out on several modern cultures and can also not witness the best utilization of energy resources.

Best Time to Visit- November to March 

10.  Dubai Safari

If you are bored with continuous sightseeing, then you can think of the Dubai Safari. It is a home and of more than 300 species of animals and birds. It is an oasis that becomes an attractive place for tourists. It is further located in the Al-Warqa. Perfect for families and kids who will be further mesmerized with the beauties of the varieties of animals.

Best time to Visit- November-March 

11.  Qaryat Al Torath Heritage Village

If you want to acknowledge the information about earlier Dubai, you have to visit this beautiful place. Here, just like the name suggests, you can witness the actual heritage of Dubai, which is further admired by the whole world. This heritage site is further located in the Al-Ain. Some amazing handicrafts, including the practicing of the community herein, are also found here. The main aim of this location is to showcase the actual tradition of Dubai so that it can survive till the world exists.

Timings- 9 AM- 1 PM

Entry Fee- Dirham 5 per person

How can you choose the hotels in UAE?

Choosing the hotels was never an easy thing to perform. However, after the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, choose the best 5-star hotels from opulent to modest accommodations in the UAE. Furthermore, some factors mainly decide which hotel, the resort will be best and which one will be the worst.

If you choose the best resorts near me, then you can get something that perfectly suits your convenience, budget, comfort, and many more.

Follow the below points to avail yourself of the best and luxury hotels in UAE.

Location- this plays an important role while deciding the hotel as if you are far away from the places you will visit, it can cost you more and end up in a haphazard situation. Also, considering the location is important depending upon the purpose of the visit, budget, and type of company and family.

Furthermore, if you are a person who likes witnessing beaches from the room windows, then you can consider resorts and hotels near Palm Jumeirah. Also, from here you can avail yourself the access to shopping from the Dubai Mall. 

Apart from everything, staying close to the world's largest building can prioritize views and many more. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot find everything close to each other and to avail of that you have to consider a metro or a cab ride.

Views- Several people like to have a nice view from their hotel room. In UAE, you can also avail a lot of hotels that provide nice and great views at an amazing price rate as well. However, there might be situations when you will notice that the promising sites the best resorts near me from provided are not present as the construction process is continuously booming, which means that new buildings can obstruct the amazing views. Sometimes construction noises can make your trip worst, that is why you should check the list of hotels or take the latest reviews for the customers.

Internet- In this modernized world, internet connection is a must, and choosing a hotel with free Wi-Fi can also help you to give the best experience. Almost all the luxury hotels provide the facility of internet surfing, but you should be aware it might only be available in the lobby area, including some rooms. You should thus talk to the persons and should discuss this matter, especially if the wordings presented on the site are unclear.

Transportation- Transportation also becomes a great factor while choosing a hotel. However, the spa hotels and other luxurious resorts from provide the taxi stand in front of the hotel gates or are situated near the metro station to get convenient ways to further go to the desired locations. When visiting a new place, you will not just remain in the hotel rooms but would also want to visit shopping sites like Deira City Center and Dubai Mall.

If you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on taxi fare, you should avail rooms close to the transportation facility.

Security- Another most important thing a person should consider while choosing a hotel in the UAE is the amount of security the hotel provides to its audiences. While visiting a place for a vacation, you want to enjoy your stay rather than fight with others. Also, after the pandemic, everything has changed, which is why ensuring the surety is important.

However, the hotels of United Arab Emirates hotels provide a good amount of security and care to their audiences. Still, for more safety, you should double-check the security and safety measures.

Health and Welfare- The Emirati Government of the UAE considers health and welfare very seriously. Thus, there are several great investments to provide the world's best-class facilities in terms of hygiene and wellness. Also, you have to be very careful as small negligence can hamper your health.

Apart from these, several international health insurance companies invest in the UAE, such as Cigna Global and Allianz.


Thus, with the help of the above information, you can get the best hotels in Dubai and can also witness the compromising beauty of the seven Emirates called the UAE. Here, you can get the best attractive sites and the best places to shop, with a huge variety of new and unique things.

So, next time you visit Dubai, you can get help from here and can choose the best residence to make your stay more amazing. 

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