Chile's Five-Star Hotels and Resorts

Chile's Five-Star Hotels and Resorts

Chile is a country rich in natural resources that has endured the test of time and is now a popular vacation place for those who want to get in touch with nature. First-class hotels in this beautiful country are listed below.

1. Nayara Alto Atacama

Nayara Alto Atacama

This Chilean lodge is located smack dab in the center of the Atacama Desert, widely regarded as one of the most breathtaking sites on Earth. When you find yourself in a valley, you'll be surrounded by towering mountains that add to the sense of isolation. The bulk of the rooms have terraces from which to take in the stunning scenery, and those who dine in the restaurant's outdoor seating area will have a 360-degree panorama to take in as well. While unwinding in a mineral bath at the spa, you may take in the scenery of the Catarpe Valley.


2. Hotel Boutique 17

Hotel Boutique 17

The colorful and coastal city of Valparaiso, which inspired the poet Pablo Neruda and now shows off its artistic side through colorful street art, can be seen from the windows of Hotel Boutique 17, which overlooks the city's most famous harbor. As a consequence of this, vibrant splashes of orange and inexperienced characterize the otherwise neutral-toned and light-filled spaces. The on-website eating area is perched on an ethereal terrace, which provides vast views over the comings and goings of the busy harbor underneath it. After taking in the city's array of brightly painted residences, reward yourself with a crisp bottle of white wine or an aperitif-inspired cocktail called an Aperol spritz and a plate of freshly grilled octopus or tuna steak.


3. Palacio Astoreca

Palacio Astoreca

Cerro Alegre is a colorful neighborhood in the center of Valparaiso that is also a Unesco World Heritage site. The real funicular lifts and steep, cobblestone lanes lined with brilliantly painted residences help bring this ancient neighborhood to life. Cerro Alegre is one of more than forty hills that make up this huge city, so guests at the inn may enjoy breathtaking views of the city's undulating scenery, which is framed by the eternally blue Pacific Ocean.

This bright orange beauty immediately captivates with its mansard roof and stunning white detailing. The interiors are a stripped-down tribute to the elegant style of the mid-20th century, with design cues from the '50s, '60s, and '70s sprinkled throughout. A look that is then finished off with contemporary artwork by Chilean and international artists. Because of its impressive architecture from the nineteenth century, Palacio Astoreca aims to attract design-minded tourists.


4. Casona Distante

Casona Distante

Located at the end of a paved road in the Elqui valley—famous for its pisco grapes, mild weather, and clear skies—is the tiny hamlet of Alcohuaz. A winery can be seen from the inn, and it is bordered by fruit trees and flower gardens. La Serena is the closest major city, and it's a couple of hours distant by car. Like many Chilean rural residences, the inn is housed in a beautifully preserved, albeit creaky, timber palace from the 1940s. In keeping with the immaculate and serene surroundings, the property features shady verandas, well-maintained gardens — complete with a pool and fruit plants at every turn — and stables that create a rustic, romantic feel. There are fields and vineyards all across this website, as well as some wonderful hiking paths.


5. The Singular Patagonia

The Singular Patagonia

This former warehouse and the cold-garage facility has been successfully converted into a characterful and upscale lodge. It is located a few kilometers from the Patagonian outpost of Puerto Natales. The magnificent historic structure sits on the edge of a sweeping section of the Secret Channel, which is a component of the breathtakingly beautiful Seno time Esperanza (Last Hope Sound). Spacious rooms all feature large windows to make the most of the perspectives, while the enormous commercial interior is coated with equipment and artifacts from the previous century, which will make you experience as though you are spending the night in a museum.


6. Hotel Casa Higueras

Hotel Casa Higueras

Valparaiso is a charming metropolis that is much less daunting to fall in love with than Santiago on account of its laid-back atmosphere and stunning scenery. However, the next miles are full of inclines and twists. You'll need a Satnav and some practiced parking abilities to find Casa Higueras if you're driving there. There are a wide variety of excellent restaurants and bars in the area. The main international airport in Chile may be reached in two hours and fifteen minutes by car. The inn is located in a fashionable Twenties house that has been well decorated with lots of dark wood furniture, artwork, tropical flowers, and alternately formal social spaces; the inn's low-stage internal lighting is easy on the eyes and keeps things feeling cool. A pool and patio chairs are carefully maintained on terraced grass.


7. Hotel Apacheta

Hotel Apacheta

It's hard to find a more magnificent setting close by Apacheta. It is well located on Playa Feliz, close to Arica's other well-known beaches like La Lisera and El Laucho. There are a lot of surfers who come here because it's a well-known spot and they want to catch the best wave possible. It's only a 15-minute trek north along a straight boulevard lined with numerous dining options with stunning sea views to reach the heart of Arica. Compared to the beaches farther north, this part of the city has fewer eating places and pubs, but, it's far a pleasing peaceful area. The living room doubles as the reception area, so guests can enjoy a meal while taking in the scenery outside while sitting on comfortable sofas and at nearby tables. Deck chairs have been placed on the sand, and a natural pool suitable for children has been created by blending a section of rocks with a low wall.


8. Gavina Sens

Gavina Sens

The hotel's seaside location affords guests breathtaking views of the shore and places them only steps away from the historic street Paseo Baquedano, renowned for its brightly painted timber-fronted homes that transport guests to the eighteenth century. Just four blocks to the south of the inn, you'll find the beginning of the curved stretch of sandy Cavancha Beach, which gradually becomes more popular as it follows the coast. As well as the patio and V-shaped pool, the ocean view is the undisputed star of the show. The pool and a few non-ocean-facing guestrooms have a view of the rundown, blanketed hotel parking area, which is the most noticeable eyesore.


9. Patio Palafito

Patio Palafito

Located one block from the official Castro wharf on Pedro Montt, a beachside street that branches off Highway 5. (Panamericana Sur). Where the Rio la Chacra empties into the Gulf of Mexico, smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood of brightly painted palafitos (wooden, stilted seaside homes). Some blocks up a steep slope will bring you to the important Plaza de Armas, home to the statistics center and the 1912-completed Iglesia San Francisco de Castro.

This wooden and creaky and charming patio is as original as it gets in Chile. This small, modern-day fairy-tale hotel has only a few rooms, and they're all subject to the daily rocking, creaking, and shifting caused by the bay's tidal push and pull on the piling foundations.


10. Hotel Alaia

Hotel Alaia

Pichilemu is a motel city popular with surfers and middle-class families from Santiago; to the south of the city is a headland known as Punta de Lobos (Sea-lion Point, despite the fact that there are no sea lions). It's easy to forget that you're only a forty-minute stroll along the beach's black sand to three shops and restaurants, despite the area's apparent isolation. The Lobos beach is windy and only really suitable for surfers, but there are plenty of other beaches that are safer for swimming just a short drive away. The highest point of the headland has located a ways past Alaia and is very beautiful after sunset.


11. Hotel Magnolia

Hotel Magnolia

The Hotel Magnolia is housed in a stunningly historic structure that goes back to 1929 and is situated in the heart of Santiago's vibrant city. The Chilean lodge that stands as a symbol of order and tranquility is situated on a tree-lined street and across the stunning Japanese Garden. The rooftop patio is far and away the greatest place to enjoy the stunning views and fresh air that come with the hotel. Enjoy the city of Santiago, Chile's capital, while dining on salmon tartare and sipping pisco bitter.


Travelers who splurge on a luxury vacation will have an experience they won't soon forget whether it's the speedy accommodations or the highly personalized sightseeing excursions. All of the hotels on this list are in convenient locations.

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