Fun Activities To Do In British Columbia

Fun Activities To Do In British Columbia

British Columbia! Home to Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia is a natural gem with 10 mountain ranges to the west of the Canadian Rockies. This is the only province where you can golf and ski on the same day.

You could spend a month traveling in British Columbia and want even more! With no embellishment, British Columbia is perhaps quite possibly of the most gorgeous put on this planet. So if you are arranging an outing to this wonderful land, here are the most thrilling activities in British Columbia.

1. Join The Gold Rush Sled Dog Race

A race in the northern Cariboo region that has attracted adventurers for 31 years, the Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Mail Run (in January) is a three-day race from Quesnel to Barkerville. It recreates the postman's tracks at the time of gold mining. What's novel is those trail runners transport official Canada Post mail from the Quesnel post office to the Barkerville post office. It's open to sled dog teams, skiers, cross-country skiers, snowboarders, and just about anyone (with self-propelled transport) who can pass a dog. snowy trail.

Dash for unheard-of wealth Canine Visits offers dry-land truck mushing visits in the noteworthy Sheep Stream Valley situated in the mountains behind Juneau. Join an excited group sharing the historical backdrop of the valley and sled canines to voyage transport travelers principally. Mushers and sled canines come from everywhere in the U.S. giving a remarkable visit and once-in-a-blue-moon insight for visitors. Camp is situated in a semi-far-off valley with a fabulous view.

2. Visit The Ski Resort

Outside of the ski season, many mountain resorts offer a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, and kayaking. The Whistler Blackcomb Gondola is an experience worth putting on your bucket list. knee or hip try the Sun Peaks Segway Safari. If you've never been to Whistler, how about we start at the earliest reference point? Whistler Blackcomb resort is home to two enormous mountains, both more than 2,100 meters tall. They're called Whistler and Blackcomb.

Across these two mountains, there's a lot of territory for essentially every snow sports sweetheart out there. Furthermore, to get to it, there's a stupendous complete of five gondolas, sixteen Seat lifts, and three Ski lifts, making up an incredible 24 lifts by and large. It's assessed that at the full limit.

3. Ride The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer is a spectacular two-day train journey through the beautiful British Columbia countryside. Choose from the "Journey through the Clouds" connecting Vancouver and Jasper in Alberta, the "Rainforest to Gold Rush" route from Whistler to Jasper, and the "First Road to the West" between Vancouver and Banff or Calgary in Alberta.

Rough Mountain dweller offers four special rail courses in Western Canada, Canadian Rockies, and the American Southwest. Witness awesome perspectives on notable, immaculate scenes from the solace of the glass-vault trains while getting a charge out of top-notch administration from the installed group. The objections incorporate Vancouver, Whistler, Jasper, Banff, and Lake Louise on the Canadian courses and Denver, Moab, and Glenwood Unveils on the US courses.

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4. See The Totem Poles At Alert Bay

At 173 Feet Tall, The wooden ancestral symbol in Alarm Narrows, British Columbia is certifiably the tallest pinnacle of its sort in the whole world, however many individuals have contended that for various reasons it isn't deserving of the shockingly quarrelsome title.

The chain of command was worked from two segments, one 163 feet tall and the other 10 feet. While most command hierarchies address a solitary family, this one is intended to address various groups of the Kwakwaka'wakw public. The figures incorporate the Sun Man, a whale, an elderly person, a wolf, the Thunderbird and its cousin, the Kulusł, a two-headed snake, a bear holding a salmon, and a raven holding copper.

5. Fly Over Canada

The wind blows your hair; Water gushes from the ocean and waterfalls spray in your face as you fly from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Travel to Canada by plane without leaving the ground with Flyover Canada in Vancouver. You're strapped to a chair as the ground descends and takes off on this awe-inspiring 4D tour of Canada's best.

FlyOver Canada gives you the experience of flying with cutting-edge technology. You will hang suspended, feet hanging, before a 20-meter circular screen while the film whisks you away on an invigorating 8-minute excursion across Canada, from east to west. The motion of the ride is combined with special effects like wind, mist, and scents to create an unforgettable experience. You will spend approximately 25 minutes being introduced to the wonderful nation at FlyOver Canada. Before proceeding to the boarding area for your preflight briefing, you will first enter the pre-show area, where you will be immersed in an audiovisual presentation of Canada "up close and personal."

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6. Horseback Rides In Muskwa Kechika

Go on a horseback adventure in the beautiful wilderness of British Columbia. The MuskwaKechika region of British Columbia is a large region of 6.4 million hectares (about the size of Ireland) in the northern part of British Columbia. Ride for 11 days through the beautiful valleys of the Continental Divide and let your mount swim through fast-flowing turquoise rivers. Sleep in a tent and take turns cooking over the fire. Help catch and saddle them, as well as groom them at the end of the day. It's a seriously outback country, and horseback riding crosses territory for grizzly bears, elk, and mountain goats.

MKMA gets its name from the Muskwa and Kechika Rivers that cut through the middle of this vast wilderness. It has 50 unroaded watersheds and covers 6.4 million hectares, which is the same size as Nova Scotia and twice as big as Vancouver Island. It additionally safeguards a bigger number of animal groups in more noteworthy overflow than elsewhere in North America, giving chances to see untamed life as they've existed for centuries.

7. Walk In Stanley Park

One of the most famous puts to stroll in Vancouver is on the Stanley Park Seawall. The Stanley Park seawall has a committed strolling path on which you can walk the two headings. Assuming you stroll around the whole edge of the recreation area it is 9 kilometers in length (5.5 miles). A great many people just stroll on the seawall for just a piece of it. The Stanley Park Seawall is moderately level with a couple of slight up and downhill segments. It is acceptable for wheelchairs and buggies.

There are impressive perspectives on English Narrows, Coal Harbor, downtown center, North and West Vancouver, and the sea from the Stanley Park Seawall.

There are many seats along the seawall where you can pause and rest. There are snack bars and washrooms en route at the Stanley Park Data Stall, Brockton Point, Lumbermens' Curve, Third Oceanside, and Second Oceanside. There are drinking fountains en route, but most have not been turned on during the Coronavirus pandemic so bring your water if you would rather not get some at the snack bars.

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8. Kayaking At Vancouver Horseshoe Bay

One of Vancouver's fun activities is kayaking in Horseshoe Bay, where you'll experience views of the Georgia Strait from the water. Alternatively, you can rent a motorboat for the day and find a place to anchor the boat for swimming and picnicking. The North Shore has everything from oceans to streams where you can kayak and paddle if that's your idea of fun. Sea kayakers can paddle in Horseshoe Bay, Deep Cove, or Indian Arm's tranquil ocean waters; while river kayakers enjoy the raging rapids of the Seymour and Capilano Rivers.

During this half-day eco-adventure, kayak in Howe Sound and snorkel with the local harbor seals of Vancouver. With your adventure guide, get on a boat from Horseshoe Bay to the Pam Rocks seal colony. After donning the snorkeling gear and wetsuit that are provided, dive in and follow the seals' lead for a close-up encounter. In a low-profile boat, kayak around the bay and the rocks to experience the marine environment. For passengers who prefer to remain dry on the boat, there is a sightseeing-only option available.

9. Explore Steveston Village

It should come as no surprise that Hollywood frequently selects Steveston as a film location due to the town's small-town atmosphere and waterfront location. Steveston became "Storybrooke, Maine" when the popular ABC television shows Once Upon a Time shot there, putting the community on the international map. Steveston was the location of filming for other shows like Pachinko, INK Magic Hour, Project Blue Book, Siren, Overboard, Godzilla, Twilight Zone, A Christmas Holiday, Supernatural, and The Terror.

The largest commercial fishing fleet in Canada is based in the community, which is still a working fishing village. Restaurants can showcase local seafood and produce thanks to the abundant sea and farms nearby. Fisherman's Wharf, where you can purchase fish straight from the boats and enjoy some of Richmond's best dining options, is a popular destination.

Steveston is full of family-friendly events. Scarecrow Crawl, Trick-or-Treat, Girls' Night Out, and Christmas in Steveston Village are all put on by the Steveston Merchants Association each year in Steveston Village.

10. Canoeing In Bowron Lake Provincial Park

Paddle across a chain of lakes for five to seven days known as the Bowron Lake Circuit, where you'll have the chance to see moose grazing in the shallows. in this British Columbia park. Visit the Georgia Bay Cannery Museum. Rent a bike from Village Bikes and cycle through the levees that protect the villages of Richmond and Steveston from the sea. Dine on great seafood at the casual Pajo's Fish & Chips on the floating pier, where you can buy fresh salmon, halibut, or cod and dine al fresco by the water's edge.

About 117 kilometers to the east of Quesnel, in northern British Columbia, Canada, is the provincial park known as Bowron Lake. Wells and Barkerville, a historic destination, are two other nearby towns. The park is famous for its rocky mountains covered in glaciers, deep, cold lakes, waterfalls, and a lot of wildlife. The main draw is the 116-kilometer canoe route through the Cariboo Mountains, which includes short portages between waterways and a series of lakes and rivers. It takes about a week to complete this trip. The shorter Westside route, which takes in Bowron, Swan, Spectacle, Ski, Babcock, Unna, and Rum lakes, is an alternative to this trip. Two to four days are required for this circuit. The recreation area is available to a predetermined number of kayaks and kayaks from May 15 to the furthest limit of September.


Canada's playground for all four seasons in British Columbia. From the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast, British Columbia has a plethora of beautiful places to visit, including world-class vineyards, beautiful scenery, and mild winters. These are the best British Columbia destinations to add to your travel wish list if you're planning a trip to British Columbia.

You can learn more about the culture of Canada's indigenous people, known as the First Nation, or visit towns that were established during their very own gold rush in British Columbia. Hope this list was helpful for choosing things to do in British Colombia.

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