London Bucket List – Best Things To Do In This City

London Bucket List – Best Things To Do In This City

When you have landed in the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, prepare yourself for a whirlwind of experiences that lie ahead of you for the next few days that you spend in the Big Smoke. This city offers a lot to all the travelers who have diverse interests. Some want to explore the Roman history attached to London while others crave the essence of the big city and wish to uncover the miracles at the starlit spots of the city.

From the Tower of London, which is deeply rooted in history to the iconic London Eye that shines with vibrant shades at night, there are plenty of spots in London that are waiting to become a precious part of the treasure of memories that you will be holding close to your heart.

1. Westminster And The Houses Of Parliament

Enlighten yourself with the political side of London by visiting the Westminster district of London that is insightful and charming at the same time. This area has so many wondrous locations with historic significance such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey Palace of Westminster, and Westminster Cathedral.

Oh, and you cannot miss the Big Ben situated right there that you might have watched on your TV screens but once you are in the Westminster district of London, you can take a deep breath and pinch yourself as you witness the Great Bell of the striking clock tower and hear it chime every hour. Once you are satisfied with the experience of Big Ben, head over to the Parliament Square located there and catch a glimpse of the statues of Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, and other political figures that played a role in the history of this city.

2. London Eye

Treat your senses of sight with a view from the London Eye that will leave you awestruck. This experience on a huge Ferris wheel on London’s Southbank will always bring a smile to your face whenever you take a trip down memory lane. The Eye is also referred to as the Millennium Wheel and owns the title of being Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel.

Book a pod for yourself and your travel partner and take a thrilling ride with radiant London views in front of you. When dusk hits the sky, you will be captivated by the seasonal hues that light up this revolving observation wheel. This is the spot where the New Year’s fireworks happen annually in London. After your grand Ferris wheel experience, you can visit the London aquarium situated very close to the London Eye and dive into the aquatic world.

3. Hyde Park

For a rejuvenating experience, London has a perfect spot for all the nature lovers that has flora and fauna in abundance and you will be immersed in its greenery as you take a stroll in the spectacular lawns. The historical events including demonstrations and protests that occurred in this park have made it a popular tourist spot.

One must explore the Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park that has been a spot for various debates and speeches since the 19th century. Well, if that doesn’t attract you, then the elegant swans definitely will. The two water bodies, particularly, the lake called “The Serpentine” have a unique charm associated with them. You can even choose to go for paddle-boating for a fresh adventure amidst the capital city.

4. Camden Market

If shopping is what you have been yearning for in London, you have to head over to the Camden Market and explore every nook and cranny of that place. This is a vibrant market where stuff from various cultures is gathered and sold to excited customers. You’ll find an entirely different crowd at this market with goths, rockabillies, and tourists rummaging through the heaps of clothes or relishing the flavorsome food.

The aroma of street food is irresistible for anyone who is in the close vicinity of the market. After having a scrumptious meal, you can pick some trendy outfits from the stalls and even grab a few souvenirs from little shops. This would surely be a colorful experience for you in London.

5. The British Museum

You are in the capital city of the United Kingdom and there’s no way that you aboard the flight back home without visiting the British Museum that’s home to the significant antique pieces from all around the world. You will sense an aroma of the past as you walk through the doors of the museum and pass the ancient objects and items (there are almost 8 million of those!). The artifacts displayed there would entice the history aficionados.

The Elgin Marbles, Rosetta Stone, and Lindow Man are just a few of the many intriguing pieces that have decorated the museum halls for quite a few years now. It is always refreshing to travel back in time for a while and what’s a better way to accomplish that than visit a museum?

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6. Tower Bridge

You will be roaming around the Big Smoke and the architecture after every few miles will make you stop and revere the structures that define London. Tower Bridge is one such construction that will make you stand in awe of it. You will be astounded by the structure and the intricate design embellishing the bridge.

It offers a roadway system that can be altered when giant ships need to make their way through. You will be grateful for the moment when you reach the bridge as the breathtaking views will be worth every step and drive you took!

7. Buckingham Palace

Taka a taste of royalty in London by heading over to the Buckingham Palace and witnessing the home of the British Royal Family. The Palace has affluence and magnificence written all over it. You will not be able to take your eyes off the opulence it reveals through its grand rooms, hallways, and the Private Garden. One part of the palace is allowed for a tour by the visitors and that area would be enough to leave you awestruck!

As you enter those State Rooms available for the tour, you will realize the lavish lifestyle of the Royal Family through the resplendent chandeliers, candelabra, and magical paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens. The furniture pieces are embellished with royal sparkling elements and you will leave the palace with a twinkle in your eye.

8. Tower Of London

If you are visiting the Tower of London after taking a tour of royalty at Buckingham Palace, you might find it as a contrasting structure at first glance but once you step in, you will swim into the depths of the 12 towers that complete this building. There’s a lot to explore and an ardent traveler would never forget to make a stop at this place when in London.

The sovereign’s history has always piqued our interest and if you always hoped for a little sneak peek into that world, you can visit the crown jewels exhibition and you are bound to stumble upon the Imperial State Crown that reflects opulence and eminence. The White Tower that is a monumental stone keep is a must-visit too when you are around the Tower of London.

9. Shoreditch

After a dose of the history of London, it’s time to move to the present and appreciate the trends that have taken over the markets. Shoreditch is the place for such a thrilling experience as you’ll find eventful nightlife places and diverse dine-in spots all around this arty region. Satisfy your hunger cravings by taking a walk in the Shoreditch and ordering the meal that satisfies your taste buds perfectly.

If you are in a mood for bar-hopping, there is no place better than this area for gulping down a few beers or savor some glasses of wine. Apart from the drinking and loads of eating, you will even have an opportunity to appreciate the vintage stuff in classy design shops that are spread around the Shoreditch. People who are deeply fascinated by pop culture will have the time of their lives in a special bar and restaurant that’s themed for pop lovers. London has so much to add to your platter!

10. Thames Cruise

The longest river of England, the Thames, will take you on a ride like never before! Book a Thames cruise and you will have a new perspective to watch the entire city of London and pack your hearts with memories that will keep flowing through your mind whenever you look back. Thames River has great significance attached to it since the Romans thrived in the city. It served as a crucial part during the World Wars.

You can take a cruise across this river as there are plenty of choices available for the tourists. The voyage will take you through the major city locations such as the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and the Tower Bridge. You can sit back, relax as you sip English tea, and relish biscuits on the vessel with an enchanting view. The night cruises are even better as all beautiful spots are gleaming and your eyes will capture the dazzling sights.

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