Luxury Hotels In London To Experience The Royal Life

Luxury Hotels In London To Experience The Royal Life

London cherishes the top-notch spot in the vacation list of wanderlusts. The city sees thousands of vacation cravers flocking to its thrilling corners to breathe in the beauty of its life. The modern architecture stands shoulder to shoulder with the royal remnants adorning the land. Thus, one gets to win a unique fusion of modern and traditional life bubbling in its lanes. However, stay in London cannot attain its best without suitable accommodation. Travelers do not admire its hot spots only. But they also love the luxurious hotel chains running a handsome business in the heart of the city.

Hence, check-in into a luxurious hotel becomes inevitable to script an unforgettable London trip. Abridging the fretting process of going through a long list of London hotel icons, here are the stars of the hotel sphere in the city.

1. The Connaught

Bustling at the hub of Mayfair Village, The Connaught has perfectly matched its tones with time. But at the same time, it has not let its historical essence evaporate in the heat of modernization. If one loves to spend days with historical hues doing the rounds in London, then one can look to the thrilling corners of the establishment.

Donning the red façade, the hotel comes up with the best in the class services to greet its customers at its entrance. The walls flaunt the historical legacy of the hotel to the full. Art pieces and artifacts all line up to cast a spell of its magnificence. Signaling the dream moments bubbling in the hotel, a water piece- Silence by the Japanese artist Tadao Ando stirs a layer of mist around.

Drenched with British heritage, it wins hearts with its elegant design and art. Creativity takes the upper hand with curves and bends running across the spectrum. The rooms and suites present a perfect blend of modern and royal architecture from Robert Adam, David Collins, Guy Oliver and India Mahdavi.

Not just the ambience but it also steals the show with savory aromas alluring the visitors to its culinary corners. One can check out the restaurant from Hélène Darroze with three Michelin stars. Not just that, culinary delight from the restaurant by Jean-Georges Vongerichten also shares the space.

The hotel takes the privilege of being the holiday paradise in London for families seeking to win moments of togetherness. With all the amenities on the board, it gives a warm welcome to them.

2. The Corinthia

The Corinthia is a treat for ones looking forward to spending quality time in London. Located in the prominent corner of the city, it basks in the light of name and fame. Illuminating a residential street, it gives its customers the chance to grab moments at Trafalgar Square. Not just that, the rolling waters of Thames also rustles nearby.

The grandeur of royal buildings and monuments also bloom at a short distance from the hotel. Channeling world-class service and hospitality since 2011, it stands out among hotel line in the city for its spacious and elegant ambience.

Offering the largest suites and rooms in the city, it tops the charts for the ones desiring to get airy accommodation. Its penthouse collection enthralls London lovers across the globe. Not just that, the comforting bits also nestles in the hotel with the presence of the city’s best spa- ESPA. Serenity spins relieving moments for souls entering into its sphere. Stress and anxiety drop down to make way for eternal satiation for them.

Minding the work commitments of its customers, it also offers its meeting rooms for two hours. Apart from that, one can also cherish the mouth-watering food platters from celebrity chef Tom Kerridge. Thus, in The Corinthia elegance comes with comfort and vibrant services.

3. Rosewood London

Royalty comes in full bloom with the mention of Rosewood London on the cards. With elegant structure and architecture lacing its sphere, it features among the best hotel best to invest in for a stay in London. Situated in Holborn area, it makes fantasy meet the real scenarios. Thus, it looks like another world in the city.  Here, luxury sees another high with all the world-class amenities adorning its deck for the visitors.  

Standing high as a restored Edwardian mansion, it glistens in the hues of uniqueness. A grand archway heralds the unforgettable experience bubbling inside the hotel for tourists. The grand affair extends to its elegant rooms and suites. The brand new Lincoln House is an addition to that. Not just that, one can also check it out for its shimmering spa and sauna sphere. Adding to the delight, it offers a plethora of offers and discounts for an extended stay.

The food counters get no short of hot and sizzling savories rolling out from the brand names. One can pick any dining destination from Mirror Room, Holborn Dining Room and The Pie Room. Extending the list, one can also find Scarfes Bar and Macallan Manor House. The in-room dining option also features on the list.

4. Brown’s Hotel

Another Mayfair gem appears on the list with Brown’s Hotel. The establishment carries its historical legacy and salience in full pomp and show. Conserving the golden moments and traces of time in its corners, it offers the bits of royalty and magnificence to tourists. Its walls uphold the souvenirs of British dominance in the world.

With its establishment dating back to 1837, it lets its interiors carry the imprints of time. However, in that pursuit, it does not undermine the principle of modernity and comfort. Thus, elegance and comfort bloom together for the customers. It has received the visits of legends from royalty, Oscar winners, and musicians since its inception. Thus, it cherishes a high reputation and name in the city.

Not just that, its rooms and suites also reason for its grandness in London. They don the contemporary touches with modern hues to retain the essence of the establishment. Kipling Suite is the star of the long list of the accommodation available in the hotel. The generous services also line to be another gem on the list. The classy British heritage penetrates in every corner of the hotel to weave an incredible stay.

One can check out the Charlie’s from Michelin-starred chef Adam Byatt to gorge on the classic delicacies dotting the counters.

5. The Lanesborough

Perfection shimmers up when one gets into the much-celebrated The Lanesborough for a stay in London.  The hotel cranks up the thrill-o-meter with its out of the world features and vibrancy. Donning a subtle exterior, it goes well to blend in its surroundings to a great extent. The serene environment around complements its white looks. It secures an elegant location on the borders of Knightsbridge and Belgravia. It stands beautifully to reflect on its legacy.

Hyde Park blushes in its neighborhood to give it an edge over its rivals. The bustling shopping destinations of London thrive nearby to give souls a chance to indulge in shopping. The hotel dons the renovation hues flowing from the art bag of the celebrated interior designer- Alberto Pinto.

With 93 rooms and suites on the board, it offers the luxury stay in every possible way in London. Leisure time finds its best utilization in Lanesborough Club and Spa. Relaxing bits allure the exhausted souls with world-class services. Apart from that, one can also check out the elegant dining options. Céleste by a Michelin star bolsters the culinary corner of the hotel.

Not just that, the Library Bar and Garden Room also unleash the waves of reputation. Cementing its place, it has won the No. 1 Hotel in London award in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards.

6. Claridge’s

Claridge is another big name from the vibrant lanes of Mayfair in London. It stands closer to London’s shopping districts and the much-hailed Hyde Park. The establishment unwound its business runs in 1856. Over the years, it managed to win heed and gracious visits of many dignitaries from the British royal family. Not just that, many big personalities from art, designing, etc. also graced its premises to appreciate its grandeur.

Donning art deco in its best version, Claridge takes the higher note with its promise of best in the class services. It joined hands with many designers like Veere Grenney, Diane von Furstenburg, Guy Oliver and David Linley time and again to retain its charm. Luxury breathes in every corner of the hotel to allure souls across the globe. With the traditional red British façade, it signals its legacy and transformation phases to a great extent.

Adorning its food corners, it has got the flavor powers of restaurant Davies & Brook by the decorated chef Daniel Humm. Cherishing a long list of awards and privileges, it comes with the 5-star rating. Its Brook Penthouse is a treat for luxury lovers with its elegantly furnished bathrooms and private roof terrace.

7. 45 Park Lane

If you wish to cherish luxury with private accommodation feel, then 45 Park Lane is the pick for you. Drawing the line of association to The Dorchester, it comes high on architectural elegance and thought. Supporting contemporary art and design in its interiors, it retains the British culture and heritage hues to a great extent. The establishment has gone through many transformations in its nature to settle as an iconic hotel presently.

With personal living sphere on the cards, the architect- Thierry Despont has helped the hotel to stand out in the hotel culture of the city.  Its façade shimmer in the hues of uniqueness by donning horizontal fins. The eco-friendly fins help the hotel to cut down the power required for its air conditioning system.

Rising opposite to Hyde Park, it presents a soothing living experience to its customers. The surroundings go well in line its theme to make it top the chart of preferences of tourists. It comes with 45 spacious rooms and suites with a dazzling penthouse to win hearts.

Apart from that, one can also step into the CUT at Park Lane 45 to cherish the CUT concept by Wolfgang Puck in Beverly Hills. Not just that, BAR 45 adds to the experience by offering vibrant drinks on the board. London shopping bliss also sizzles near the hotel to woo tourists.

8. Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park signifies resilience and determination to be the best to the world. Celebrating British legacy to the best, the hotel offers the out of the world services and amenities to fit in the luxury hotel class. Poised between the Royal Parkland and central Knightsbridge, the hotel creates its mark in the hotel chains with its stunning architecture.

The renowned designer Joyce Wang has imbued the aura of Hyde Park to lay down the foundation of the luxurious rooms and suites in the hotel. The restoration work has given a new entity to the accommodation by celebrating the 20th century golden age of travel.

Apart from that, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, London adds a golden lining to the description. The relaxing moments blossom in the best manner to allure souls across the globe. Modern-day comfort and bliss take the corners to push up the de-stressing experiences.

Not just that, gym and yoga studio also thrive in its premises. Adding to that, one can also make fun at a 55-ft twin lane indoor swimming pool complete with a lap timer in the hotel. The bounties follow the lines of thought of New York designer Adam D Tihany.

Checking out the food corner, one ends up at the two Michelin-starred restaurants in the form of Bar Boulud and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Comfort and luxury spin at the center of the establishment to make its case around the world.

9. The Dorchester

The Dorchester takes the top-notch spot in the list when it comes to relishing British culture and heritage to the full. It shimmers in the brightest hues to celebrate the legacy that makes it stand out in the hotel chain running across London. Taking the contemporary art style of art deco since the 1930s, the hotel comes with 250 rooms and suites celebrating the classic English interiors. The roof suites with terraces make the golden spot to behold the iconic London skyline.

Luxury bits lace its premises to reflect on its prominent place in the list. Apart from that, one can also cash in for its spa and collection of classic cars. Going through the food counters, one can cherish the Alain Ducasse (three-Michelin-stars) and The Grill. The Bar boasts of mixologists who don the privilege of having served Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, the late Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga.

One can win the best by going for the Harlequin Penthouse. Its silk and leather décor takes one back to the times of royalty. A dazzling bathroom, fireplace and outdoor terrace add stars to its description.

Hence, the hotel glistens with hustle and bustle around its corners.

10. The Egerton House Hotel

The Egerton House Hotel looks stunning in every way to complement the Knightsbridge legacy. It thrives near Harrods and gives visitors the dazzling view of Egerton Gardens and the Victoria and Albert Museum in the best possible manner. The serene environment around the area makes a strong case for tourists to put a stay here.

Luxury and homely feel mingle together with the comforting bits in the hotel. Royal hues take on the interiors to spin the idea of luxury for the customers. Traditional grandeur rules the affairs inside the hotel to paint the legacy.

Not just humans but the hotel also welcomes pets warmly with all the amenities on the board. Rooms and suites carry the idea of luxury in the best manner. One can choose from 23 rooms, 4 suites and one master suite to win the best available. The Victoria and Albert suite tops the chart of preferences with its fine fabrics and antique Italian furnishings. It comes with a king-size bed and a comfortable sofa bed and a separate lounge area. Not just that, one can get to cherish the iconic city view from the private terrace garden with the suite.

Putting the famous afternoon tea culture at the center, souls check in a large number to relish its menu.

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