Must-Have Experiences In Dubai

Must-Have Experiences In Dubai

Thriving amid a sandy landscape, Dubai is the city of wonders. Its shimmer and bustle defy its arid surroundings. The city of skyscrapers does not win hearts with its concrete jungle only. But it steps ahead to take its visitors on a thrilling ride. No matter whether one is here to deliver professional or personal commitments, it leaves one with unforgettable moments. From malls to tourist spots, every corner in the city dons a unique charm.

Thus, enough stars are twinkling on the platter to assuage vivid interests. However, one cannot look forward to living its vibrant space to the full without having a perfect plan. Easing out the planning bit to some extent, here is the list of the must-do things for Dubai guests. These bits stand ever-ready to gift the best in kind Dubai visit to their bubbling visitors.

1. Look Through Dubai Frame

Standing high in Zabeel Park Dubai, Dubai Frame cherishes worldwide fame and wonder. The biggest frame in the world pumps up the thrilling nerves of its spectators. It holds the ground to let its guests catch the best possible view of the city. The Old and New Dubai areas come together in the frame to leave spectators mesmerized. Not just that, it also put up the best view of the Dubai skyline for visitors.

Evolving from glass, steel, aluminum, and reinforced concrete, it glistens as another architectural star of the city. With its height marking at 150m, it leaves one breathless. It has been serving a wonderful Dubai seeing experience since 2018. To capture the scintillating view of the city, one can take to its glass lifts and reach its top.

Not just that, one can also go for the glass walkway with 313-foot width to add stars to one’s experience. Thus, Dubai Frame is the name for souls looking forward to an exhilarating Dubai view.

2. Zip With XLine Dubai Marina

Having cherished a successful zip line venture in downtown Dubai, XLine has pushed up the level of zip line ride with XLine Dubai Marina. Doubling the thrill of its previous offering, it offers a zip line ride for 1km over the city. One can buckle up for an exhilarating spree by riding over the bustle at a height of 170m.  Not just that, its speed also doles out the adrenaline rush.

Riders whiz past over the city at 80km/h to breathe in adventurous moments. Bubbling lanes, skyscrapers and blue waters shimmer beneath while one cherish the superman ride. Not just that, two concurrent zip lines run around to let one share the experience with one’s partner.

Do you wish to take the thrilling moments home? If yes, then you can take a twirl of joy. One can capture the adventure with the Go-Pro cameras on one’s helmet. Adding to that, one can pack one’s zip line ride with mesmerizing pictures and videos. So kick back all your worries by taking on the world’s steepest and fastest zip line while celebrating your time in Dubai.

3. Go Global At Global Village

See the worldly hues mingling in the best possible way at the Global Village. Being one of the best entertainment events in the world, it serves scintillating bits to visitors of all ages. Cultures and traditions illuminate its premises to send thrilling waves around the world.  From artists to food lovers, everyone steps in to cherish their interest achieving its best form. Not just that, souls devoid of any of these temptations can also check out the village to lose their hearts to alluring euphoria.

To greet its guests in the best climatic condition, it throws its gates open for visitors from November to May. One can leave one’s soul free to taste some culinary masterpiece or art fervor. Various countries flock here to present their cultural bliss. Thus, it is not a surprise for one to see an international crowd gracing the event.

Concerts and rides also get on the board to pedal the delight floating around. Shopping lovers can set their hearts free to satiate their cravings in the best possible manner. They can take both local and international bits back to their home. One can soothe one’s exhausted nerves at the end of one’s day by seeing the colorful fireworks adorning the sky.

4. Ski At Ski Dubai

Can you ever think about skiing in a sandy desert? If you are in Dubai, then you can certainly plan for it. And, that too with penguins around! Thanks to Ski Dubai, it has become a reality for many ski lovers. Roping in the snow delight in the sandy region, Ski Dubai stands out on the list. With a 22,500 sq meter indoor ski area, it dons the title of being the largest indoor Snow Park in the world.

To thrill its guests with its setting, it holds around 6000 tons of snow. Not just ski, it has got also many other exhilarating bits on the board. For instance, one can stumble across a Chairlift, zip line and Tube slides. Apart from that, it also supports Giant ball rolling down to press on the excitement around. Adding to that, one can also look for snowboarding, ski boarding, etc.

What else would one want when one can also seal the chance to slip to the arctic vibes? That comes with fun acts with Gentoo and King Penguins. Their march on its premises leaves spectators to spell bounded. To one’s delight, many professionals hang around the park to help novice catch up with ski and other activities.

5. Surf At Kite Beach

After having snow bouts, one can go ahead to enjoy water splashes and fun at Kite Beach. The main street of Jumeirah bubbles up with cheers and celebration of water lovers. Pushing in the tourism charm, it makes waves on the itinerary list of Dubai guests. Water sports thrive on the sandy land to take one into another world.

Kite-surfing features the must-do things for visitors with its thrilling vibes. Apart from that, stand-up paddle boarding and wakeboarding also get on the platter to serve the best around. The rolling waves on the shoreline get in the picture to leave guests mesmerized. Apart from water games and fun, one can also move forward to click some unforgettable moments.

The photo scenic charm of the place allure guests. Not just that, one can also breathe in the typical beach fun. One can team up with the volleyball or football lovers enjoying their time on the beach. There are also bungee trampolines, climbing parks, etc., to hammer out the exhilarating vibes. Not just that, one can also time one’s visit to cherish jogging or morning walks.

Food lovers can also gorge on delicacies and culinary flavors to add stars to their beach experience. Food trucks and stalls dot the line to dole out flavor blasts on the platter.

6. Vibe At Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

A desert trip cannot get the seal of completion without celebrating the camel charisma in the desert. To serve the desert charm in the best way, one can plan a visit to Al Marmoom Camel Race Track. Pitching in for the traditional camel race, it illuminates the city affairs. However, it is not a hard nut to crack to see modern bits adorning its case.

Delving in the local hues, Al Marmoom Camel Race Track offers traditional waves on the board. It locates its bustle in the Al Marmoom Heritage Village and the Al Lisaili area. One can see the thrilling nerves reaching their best with euphoric winds blowing around. Camels unwind themselves on the track to reach their goal and carry on the prestigious title.

As switch their gears during the race, crowd sentiments and excitement also ride on the trend. Thus, the track opens the gateway to Emirati culture to let visitors seal an everlasting race thrill.

7. Spice Blast At Dubai Spice Souk

Dubai is not all about malls, rides and camel shows. But it has also got some flavor aromas enveloping its premises. To dive into that facet, one can take to the Dubai Spice Souk. Also known as the Old Souk, it thrives near the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira on Baniyas Street. Spice mix gets on the board to allure home cooks, chefs and food lovers. They roam around the bustle to pocket their favorite spices and flavors.

To offer a relieving maneuver, it comes with parallel streets. Taking a stroll through its premises, one can come across vibrant rooftops. The shopkeepers greet visitors with a variety of spices, herbs, fragrances, textiles, artifacts and many other bits. One can grab fresh supplies from different counties, making a vibrant spice platter.

Apart from that, Arabic spices also get on the counter at a prized price. Adding to that, one can also find grocery shops bubbling in the market to complete the picture. One can look forward to grabbing the best deal by jumping in for negotiations and bargaining. One can see its salience in Dubai life by catching flocks of locals, businessmen and other souls thronging it every day.  Shoppers can thus cherish a different bliss by taking to the market.

8. Scale Burj Khalifa

No one can consider a Dubai visit on its mark without having Burj Khalifa on the list. Representing the power of grit, science and technology, it stands high to adorn the Dubai Skyline. Its case makes a mark in the domain with different facets on the board. With its shimmering building making waves around, it manages to draw a rush of curious and excited souls at its base. However, the thrill begins when one gets to its top.

Over 828 meters tall, it holds a significant place in worldly books. Its stunning height goes a long way in letting it accommodate 160 stories in one go. It holds many titles around the world to add stars to its case. From being the tallest building in the world to being the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, it does not leave any space left for its rivals.

Making the best of its worldwide celebrated height, one can catch the breathtaking views of the city. One can have a booking with the observatory deck:  At The Top, Burj Khalifa for that purpose. Level 125 and level 124 thrive there to cater to the international crowd. Double-deck elevators move up and down to take visitors to the scintillating scene. Apart from that, one can also look for Arabic mashrabiya to grab iconic 360-degree views.

There are many photo-perfect corners to let visitors get home with thrilling memories. Not just that, one can also experience a chill running down one’s spine with a glass floor feigning to be breaking at 456 meters in the air. Thus, one can plan an unforgettable day at the observatory deck and pocket some thrilling moments.

9. Go Historical At Al Fahidi Neighbourhood

History lovers can take a jump with joy with the mention of Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood on their cards. Providing a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the city people, it goes a long way in cementing its place on the itinerary. Taking to the neighborhood, one can slip back to the era between the 19th century and the 1970s. Getting up for a stroll around, one can come across buildings of stone, gypsum, teak, sandalwood, fronds and palm wood dotting the area.

Serving their best, they go forward to provide space and accommodation for many cultural and artistic activities. Thus, one can see many art exhibits, specialized museums, cultural and artistic societies and centers bubbling in the area. Not just that, the area also puts up many seasonal shows and events like the Sikka Art Fair, Artists-in-Residence Program, Heritage Week, National Day Events, etc., to thrill visitors in the best possible way.

Thriving by Khor Dubai, it also holds a golden salience in handling city affairs. Not just that, it also cherishes the privilege of being near to His Highness Monarch of Dubai’s divan. Thus, it is not a surprise for one to come across its commercial facets. Apart from that, one can also breathe in leisure hours by halting at cafes and restaurants that serve local delights.

10. Water Fun At Aquaventure Waterpark

Take your water park experience to its pinnacle by getting a booking at Aquaventure Waterpark during your stay in Dubai. Cranking the thrill-o-meter with its stunning water adventures, it manages to place the best on the board for visitors. To live one’s day to the full, one can check out more than 30 slides and rides making waves in its premises. Churning thrilling cries and screams, there are shark-filled lagoons and zip lines.

The nerve-pumping water bliss gets on the board to serve the best experience. Take your guts for a thrilling ride by jumping on the slides at breathtaking heights. Not just that, many rides also thrive on the scene, adding to that experience. Apart from that, one can also lose one’s heart to the Palm island bounties shimmering in the best way.

It also houses many private beaches to savor various preferences. Not just that, kid’s zone greets little nuggets with the best in kind safety in place. To weave a scintillating marine experience, it also supports Lost Chambers Aquarium that has got more than 65,000 marine creatures. The underwater sea aquarium manages to sprinkle glitters around to thrill visitors. Thus, the waterpark comes with many exhilarating bits making its case in the tourism domain.

11. Camp At The Starlight Camp

Escape into the fantasy of Arabian nights by booking a camp at the Starlight Camp. Thriving away from the city bustle and crowd, it manages to spin the desert night camp delight for visitors. Sand dunes make its scene to let one live the desert experience to the full. Magical waves float around to help one break away from the city rush.

However, it does not mean any distancing from modern comfort and luxury. Even if one is camping in the desert, one can get a homely feel with all amenities on the board. With the crystal roof tents bubbling around, that has become a reality for camping lovers. One can celebrate one’s time in the desert scene with a lounge, bone fire, dining area and BBQ facility.

Not just that, there are also food and beverage trailer, camping style outdoor toilet & shower and many other comforting bits around. Thus, one can get a no-less hotel feel and comfort in the name of desert camping. Adding to that, one can also breathe in the natural beauty of the sandy area with the beautiful sky changing its hues overhead. So let your soul catch the best camping experience available around by sealing the deal.

12. Shop At The Dubai Mall

Shopping lovers cannot approve the Dubai trip without having the Dubai Mall on the list. Being the largest shopping malls in the world, it greets one with the best delights shimmering in its premises. With 1200 stores on the board, the Mall has got everything that shoppers love to look for. Apart from shopping sprees, it also looks forward to catering to various other interests.

To one’s delight, it supports around 22 cine screens to offer the best in kind visit experience to its guests. With 120 restaurants and café on its premises, one can check out the menu to have delicious bits on one’s platter. Weaving wonders in its premises, it has got human waterfalls that go through its four floors. They mesmerize visitors the moment they step into its bustling grandeur.

Apart from that, it also supports Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink (Olympic-sized), KidZania and an indoor cinema complex to add stars to its case. Around 33000 marine species breathe in the aquarium to leave visitors stunned. KidZania, on the other hand, enthralls little souls with exhilarating tasks and activities. It combines fun and learning together to let them see the best around them.

Thus, the Dubai Mall is not a mere mall but the economic, social and entertaining hub in the city. Dubai visitors cannot pack their bags for home without crashing at its alluring sphere.

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