Opulent And Luxury Hotels To Stay in Venice

Opulent And Luxury Hotels To Stay in Venice

A traveler's choice of where to stay is one of the most important parts of a great trip, as it can make or break the experience. Choosing the right place to stay for your vacation can be hard, especially if you're going somewhere like Venice.

The "Floating City" has a lot to offer all kinds of tourists, from those who are traveling alone to those who are on their honeymoon. Venice is a must-see for tourists because it has shimmering canals, mysterious cathedrals and churches, historical museums, interesting islands, and a mix of old and new architecture.

Venice has a lot of hotels and resorts because it is such a popular place for tourists to visit. So, here is a list of the best luxury hotels in Venice, including beaches, and high-end places to stay that are quiet and will make your trip there memorable.

1. The St. Regis Venice

The St. Regis Venice

The St. Regis Venice is one of the city's most well-known classic luxury hotels along the Grand Canal frontage west of St. Mark's Square. St. Regis, which opened in 2019, is the newest of these, with the most balconies that face the water. This is the hotel for you if you want to be close to the magnificent Santa Maria della Salute basilica.

Traditional brocades and gloomy corners were removed during a massive pre-inauguration renovation, which clearly aimed to attract a younger, more culturally savvy clientele by adorning suites and public areas with excellent contemporary art and a collection of top Venetian glassmakers. A beautiful garden is the ideal setting for aperitivi between the two wings that face the canal.


2. The Baglioni Hotel Luna

The Baglioni Hotel Luna

You can find this five-star hotel, the Baglioni Hotel Luna, right in the middle of the action in Venice. An ancient structure dating back to the 12th century now serves as the hotel. The sophisticated decor is a blend of classic Venetian style and up-to-date amenities. The hotel's spacious guestrooms and suites each have their own unique style.

In addition to a restaurant serving traditional Italian fare, the hotel also provides spa services and a fitness center. With its convenient location, the hotel provides easy access to the Grand Canal and St. Mark's Square.


3. JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

If you take a water taxi across the lagoon and arrive at the dock on Isola delle Rose, the private island where the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa is located, you might feel like you're in a James Bond movie. This resort offers a diverse selection of accommodations with 266 rooms and suites.

In the main hotel building, there are modern options, quiet areas without children, beautifully designed suites with plunge pools and private gardens, and even a villa with a private pool that can hold up to seven people. This may be the place for you if you want an international style away from the crowds.


4. Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast

You'll feel the Cima Rosa spirit as you carry your bags through the Santa Croce courtyard of this 15th-century palazzo: Through fragrant faux-jasmine, aged marble carvings, and old roses climb brick walls. The colors seen through the front windows, which overlook the Grand Canal, are mirrored inside by an exquisite pastel color scheme. The picture is complete with five rooms and suites, excellent comfort, and personalized service. For tourists who adore Venice and are sufficiently familiar with the city, this is a place for grownups.


5. The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Venice

The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Venice

In a city with so many high-end hotels, none match this Grand Canal classic in quality. Even though the 15th-century palazzo, which is now part of the Luxury Collection, has been open to guests since 1895, a 15-month, $200 million renovation in 2013 made sure it wasn't a shaky museum object. The majority of modern extras are cleverly hidden.) However, the location's grace alone is what makes it so appealing. Naturally, everything is exquisite, with luscious Rubelli fabrics and priceless art; However, this luscious cocoon also manages to be incredibly friendly.

From the staff who serve cocktails from the martini trolley to chef Daniele Turco, who creates masterpieces using capture—those unique Venetian baby artichokes—nothing is too much trouble. Is a spa facial for relaxation? A spin around in the boat Riva Aquariva? at the culinary school, full immersion in local cuisine? Only if you are able to look away from that muddy spectacle outside: In one of the world's most beautiful and fragile locations, this is still one of the most beautiful hotels.


6. Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel

Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel

Book a room at the zany Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel for a modern experience without sacrificing a sense of tradition. It is accessible via a difficult-to-find courtyard off the Grand Canal and features contemporary statues that draw attention to Venice's fascinating art scene and remarkable history. You'll feel like you're in your very own, very private palazzo when you arrive. Even though it's on the other side of the Grand Canal, it's very quiet, which sets it apart from other hotels in the area. Since this is probably not their first visit to the city, the other guests are wealthy and have exquisite taste.

This is how Venart feels like an insider; so you can be sure you made the right choice. The rooms have an air of "Casanova's lair" luxury about them: velvet-draped four-poster beds, tactile wallpaper, and contemporary art. Salads and pasta at the Michelin-starred GLAM restaurant are of the highest quality. Although the food is impeccable, you should only dine here one night; For the remainder of your time, go somewhere with a more ambiance. Cocktails and tea are also available in the salon and garden. Without the dust, it resembles the grandeur of the grande dames.


7. Al Ponte Antico

Al Ponte Antico

Al Ponte Antico's decor will enchant you once you get over the shock of the super-friendly staff magically knowing your first name from the moment you walk in Plush from Venice taken to its most zany extreme.

The location is then yours to admire; After all, the tiny terrace of the Ponte Antico with its views of the Rialto is one of the most romantic spots in the city for an aperitivo. Al Ponte Antico's breakfast is legendary; The staff's ability to use the humble egg is praised by guests. With its charming plush banquettes inside and canal-sized balcony, the setting is also pleasant.


8. Cipriani, a Belmond Hotel in Venice

Cipriani, a Belmond Hotel in Venice

The spaciousness of the Belmond Hotel Cipriani, where every room has a view of the garden or the water, counters the intimacy of other hotels in the area. On Giudecca Island, its annex is located inside a palace from the 15th century, so those who prefer to sleep in a setting that is at least four centuries old can do so. It has an air of dolce vita-style glitz emanating from its prime location on the eastern tip of the island.

Whether you pull up at the private dock or take the hotel launch at Piazza San Marco to cross the lagoon, you'll feel like you're in your own private world thanks to the attentive service, meticulous landscaping, and air of sophistication. The number of services and facilities is staggering: The only pool in central Venice, and it's Olympic-sized, as well as a luxurious spa, activities for kids, cooking classes, customized tours and boat trips, beautiful gardens, art classes, tennis courts, and more.



Visitors to Venice are enchanted by the city's stunning architecture, rich history, and culture. The city offers a wide range of choices for tourists, ranging from inexpensive stays to five-star hotels. We've looked at ten of the best hotels in Venice in this blog, each with its own personality and charm.

These hotels, offer an unforgettable experience that will remain with you long after your stay is over, whether you're looking for a getaway for a romantic getaway, a trip with the family, or a solo adventure.

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