Paris Hotels For A Luxurious Stay

Paris Hotels For A Luxurious Stay

Paris, the epicenter of wonder, houses some iconic hotel names to intensify its waves in the tourism world. Offering a perfect blend of contemporary and modern narrative, the domain basks in vibrant hues to entice Paris visitors. Luxury blossoms in its best facet to open up the comforting and intriguing bits thriving around the land. Some of them break the bounds by taking one for a ride through the stellar past. Thus, one can expect beyond spending one’s Paris tour days in the four-wall rooms by trying the breathtaking stroll around their corners.

No doubt, the city supports the lavish hotel scene up to its brim. But some of them manage to stand out in the hotel rush. Putting the gems together, here is the list of chart bursting hotel names.

1. La Reserve Paris- Hotel And Spa

Bits of luxury thrive in their best spirits in the shimmering corners of La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa. Vibrantly poised between Avenue Montaigne and Rue du Faubourg St-Honoré, it celebrates its proximity to Champs-Elysées to grab a golden place in the hotel list. Not just its location but its elegant design and ambience add another silver lining to its case.

Doing its business in the masterpiece of Baron Haussmann that clock back to 1854, it makes waves in the serene and lush green corner of the city. With 40 rooms on its board, it goes ahead to weave personal living experience in its sphere.  Offering a plethora of variety, one can choose between Prestige Room and Premier Room in the section. Not just that, it also imbibes a similar trend of choices in the Junior Suite and Suite collection.

Its culinary corners also work out the magic with the top-notch delights on the menu. The Gabriel with two Michelin-star Executive Chef Jérôme Banctel satiates the cravings lurking around with the explosion of flavors. Not just that, one can also check out The Pagoda of Cos, taking on a similar note. Bar Le Gaspard is the right place to put a stay for grabbing the best shot.

One can look forward to shedding one’s exhaustion in the vibrant sphere of its Spa. Apart from that, it goes ahead to offer personalized living with its 140 to 300sqm apartment with services like a butler, concierge, housekeeper, security and valet parking. Hence, one can make the Paris trip a personal affair by tipping on one’s preferences and choice.

2. Ritz Paris

Donning the legacy of its 122-year history, Ritz Paris imbues the sphere with its thrilling premises. Luxury retains its best form at the hotel for its elegance and warm hospitality. Letting one soak in the grandeur of French architecture, it comes with enticing corners. Not just that, the arc of wonder also extends to its rooms to throw up the best in the sphere. One can cherish the iconic union of the French art de vivre and Belle Époque décor in its vibrant rooms and suites.

One can pick the best out of the Superior Room, Executive Room, Deluxe Room and Grand Deluxe Room in the room section. Not just that, it also carries the bliss of choice in the suites and ‘prestigious suites’ section.  Apart from that, its eating corners also open up enticing bits with the best names in its sphere. One can check out the delectable notions at the L’Espadon and Salon Proust. Moving ahead, one can get one’s favorite drink at Bar Hemingway and Bar Vendome.

Adding unforgettable bits to one’s Paris stay, one can a get membership with the Ritz Club to enjoy one’s time at its pool, Spa and Salon.

3. Le Bristol Paris

Located in the vivacious Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Le Bristol Paris weaves a majestic stay for Paris guests with the best bounties doing the rounds. Ruling the sphere since 1925, it has gone a long way in cementing its place in the enduring section of hotels in Paris.  Not just that, it also stands out in the domain for its historical salience. During the raging times of World War II, it stood as the American Embassy.

Living its charm to the full, many renowned celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and Rita Hayworth had showered their praise on it. With 190 renovated rooms adorning its narrative, it tosses up living experiences. Parisian style gets in full bloom with the stellar design and architecture ruling the sphere. The accommodation list drops long enough to include every starry bit for guests.

Its food sphere shimmers with vibrant hues and flavors with celebrated names on its premises. Not just that, the Michelin-star bliss also floats there to savor the best bits to guests. One can check out the platters at Epicure, 114 Faubourg, Café Antonia, Le Bar du Bristol and Le Jardin Français.

Not just that, it also opens the rejuvenation gateway for its guests with Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie. With an interior garden and eight treatment rooms, it slashes down the stress and detoxicates body and mind. Professional commitments also stand intact with its elegant spaces.

4. Shangri-La Hotel

Displaying its mettle in the domain, Shangri-La Hotel gathers cultural bliss for its guests. Thriving in the iconic palace, it has been adding glitters to the hotel scene since 2010. It carries its legacy of having served as the accommodation to Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte. One can grab its royal facet by beholding its vibrant corners.  Bubbling beside the beauty of shimmering waters of River Seine, it weaves an endearing stay in Paris for tourists.

Coming with 100 rooms and suites on its board, it makes its case with iconic bits on the platter. Matching up to the expectations of its guests, it includes a wide range of variety in the sphere. Each of them bubbles with a unique identity. Not just that, one can spend hours cherishing the splendor of the Eiffel Tower through their large windows.

Not just that, one can also lose oneself to the flavoring magic of its dining counters. Shang Palace and La Bauhinia occupy the top echelons of the sphere to toss up the heart winning bounties. Apart from that, one can get a reservation at Le Bar Botaniste to breathe in the relaxing moments with some fabulous shots in Paris.

Chi, The Spa reverberates the essence of spiritual health with the all-natural products from The Organic Pharmacy. One can regain the balance of life and activity by spending some rejuvenating moments in its marvelous ambience. Not just that, one can live the Parisian life to the best by booking its duplex Parisian Apartment.  It comes with alluring bits like daily breakfast, aperitives and personalized 24-hour Shangri-La service.

One can also choose it to seal auspicious moments. It stands ever-ready for celebrations and ceremonies with its best services.

5. Maison Souquet

Fantasy spell bubbles in the vibrant form with the mention of Maison Souquet. Standing out in the sphere, its building thrives in the architectural charm of designer Jacques Garcia. Donning a subtle exterior with two red lanterns, its breathtaking facet comes in the picture as one step into it. With velvet, Moorish tiles, antique furnishings, and oil paintings teaming up, it manages to take into a unique world of wonder.

Infusing silk bliss in rooms, it comes with a vibrant platter. Not just that, one can also choose to stay put at its junior suite and a 2-bedroom suite. Weaving a narrative of uniqueness, they come with the names of famous courtesans who graced its premises.

Apart from that, one can head to its bar to adorn one’s experience with thrilling bits. It savors one with its cocktail, light lunch and dinner menu. Not just that, it also offers Spa facilities to make one cloud over stress and worries. Adding to that, one can also book the pool and the spa for personal use.

Also, one can step into the reading room located between the lounge with the Mille et Une Nuits décor and the winter garden.

6. Le Roch Hotel & Spa

Taking one into the world of vacation bliss, Le Roch Hotel & Spa rules the sphere with its elegance. Located between the Place de l’Opéra and the Place Vendôme, it supports every delight that one aspires to relish during one’s stay in Paris. The 5-star hotel evolved its iconic form from the architectural flair of designer Sarah Lavoine. Opening its doors of hospitality back in 2016, it has come a long way in cementing its place.

Tossing its alluring bits, it comes with a perfect blend of homely feel and hotel bounties. With 37 accommodations painting its magic in the sphere, it lives up to the expectations of its guests. Opening its majestic ambience, its 32 rooms come with distinct features and identity. They bubble in five color schemes to rope in vibrancy in the best possible way. One can go through the list to grab the best deal. Not just that, it also offers Hammam delight.

Apart from that, one can also check out its 5 suites shimmering in the sphere. To gorge on the delectable platters, one can head to its restaurant by Executive Chef, Rémy Bérerd. Not just that, one can also get a table at its bar to cherish some authentic bouts. It also supports a terrace to let flavors mingle with the scenic view of the city.

Its spa facilities clamp down on the stressing bits with refreshing ones. One can also live leisure moments by taking a dip in its swimming pool. Thus, it does not fall short of knitting an enduring Paris delight for its visitors.

7. Molitor

Celebrating the swimming pool bliss of the city in the best possible way, Molitor has evolved as the much-visit destination for avid swimmers. Rolling down the carpet for visitors, it came up in 1929 with two swimming pools. Not just that, it also houses art wonders to make an endearing case in the domain. Harnessing its location and essence, it has come up as a shimmering spot to put stay during one’s Paris tour. The historic building supports timeless pieces to savor its guests with the best possible bits in the sphere.

Supporting a vibrant platter of rooms, it offers the best in class bits to its guests. One can choose from the classic rooms, the deluxe rooms, the executive rooms, the executive rooms with port hole and the executive rooms with terrace. Not just that, the suite collection also entices visitors with alluring bits. It offers vibrant categories: the pool suite and the grand suite.

Also, one can head to the famous- Brasserie Urbaine and Bar to relish heart-winning food delight on the platter. Its rooftop arrangement lets one cherish the alluring flavors with the swimming pool view. Adding to that, one can also get a reservation at The Spa by Clarins. The Club Molitor also offers fitness bits to fitness lovers in modern garbs.

One can materialize one’s meetings and plans by checking into the breathtaking corners of the establishment. Art and water hues lace its premises to enthrall one to the best possible extent.

8. Mandarin Oriental Paris

The list of luxury hotel gems cannot see the light of completion without the mention of a Mandarin Oriental bounty. Celebrating its French version, it bubbles in the vicinity of Place Vendôme. The Saint-Honoré hues get around putting its elegance at the centre of attraction. With its charm taking the top-notch lines, it greets its visitors with warm and best services.

Opening its vibrant corners, it comes with 96 rooms on the board. Carrying its legacy of lavish accommodations, it offers a plethora of choices with its glossy ambience. Not just that, its 39 suites also extends its vibrancy and space promise. One can also cherish variety in the suite category to get the best on the cards. All modern amenities accompany the vibrant affair and place the comforting bits on the platter.

Its dining sphere also shimmers with the best delights. One can get a reservation at Sur Mesure par Thierry Marx or Camélia to cherish the tremors of taste explosions. Not just that, Bar 8 takes the narrative to a high level with the ethereal drinks on the counter. L’Honoré also comes as a vibrant addition. Cake lovers can relish the best bounties in the domain with the presence of a cake shop in the sphere.

Embedding its luxury promise, it comes with its Spa and Wellness facility on its premises. Reflecting on its quality facilities, it dons the prestigious awards like the Best Unique Spa Experience and Best Luxury Hotel Spa.

9. Nolinski Paris

Giving arts its due share in scripting a vibrant stay, Nolinski thrives at a stone throw from Comédie Française and the Palais Royal gardens.  One can look forward to spending their moments enveloped by the designs of designer Jean Louis Deniot. Building on the promise of warm hospitality, it comes with alluring bits on its premises. Its marvelous corners unwind the enigmatic French vibes for its guests.

Climb up to cherish its grace towering through its six floor building. One can take the staircase or a vibrant mirror elevator to explore its 45 rooms and suites. Celebrating the magic of colors, it comes with a rich scheme of private rooms- green, raspberry, beige, blue, yellow, and fawn. The spacious rooms get in line to offer every comforting bit to guests. The vibrant interplay of colors run around to entice them in the best way.

Not just that, one can also win the delight by checking out its suites. They thrive with vibrant furniture and other essential to script their unique identity. Adding to that, it offers a mesmerizing dining bliss to visitors with the presence of Nolinski Le Restaurant. The Michelin-starred Chef Philip Chronopoulos tosses the delectable platter here to win likes around.

Its cocktail bar offers vibrant drinks to illuminate the experience for guests. Not just that, one can also head to its Spa to rewind oneself at the hotel.

10. Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal

Looking over the vibrant The Palais Royal Gardens,  Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal thrives to offer the best scenic views to guests. The 5-star hotel also has Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens around to enthrall visitors. Its vibrant bits come from the art bag of designer Pierre-Yves Rochon. To serve the visitor rush with the best, it supports 57 rooms and 11 suites on its premises. Its airy accommodations have subtle shades lacing their domain in the best possible way.

Their balconies open up the way to behold the scenic beauty of the city for guests. One can seal the enduring Parisian moments at its dinning sphere. Le Lulli illuminates the domain with its restaurant and bar serving unbeatable bounties to guests. One can drop the dampening rush of life by making a reservation at its beauty Spa & Gym. Adding to that, one can also head to Nathalie Tuil Paris for a 100% natural hair spa treatment at the hotel.

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