The Best Hotels To Experience The Architectural Marvel Of Venice

The Best Hotels To Experience The Architectural Marvel Of Venice

Venice grabs a golden place in the list of holiday destinations. It allures souls around the world with its cultural heritage and historical bounties. Its geographical location adds to its structural vibrancy to win hearts. It greets explorers with its best and offers a rich experience in its cultural and traditional alleys. However, one cannot look forward to realizing the potential of the visit to the full without putting stay at one of the hotel icons in Venice.

It is not a child’s play to get into the right hotel in the city. Thus, to ease the beset to some extent, here are some of the hotels that rule over the hotel sphere with their luxurious bits.

1. Ca’ Pisani Boutique Design Hotel

Celebrating history and legacy, Ca’ Pisani Boutique Design Hotel has stood through ages. Tracing the inception of the building to 16th century, it offers an experience reflecting the times. Beautifully donning art deco, its premises opens the way to thrilling corners of the buildings. Located in Dorsoduro district, it thrives near Venice’s ‘Peggy Guggenheim’ Collection.

With 29 rooms glistening for the visitors, it offers all kinds of amenities. There are suitable rooms for families. Not just that, one can also book a junior suite. The hotel has ditched the traditional hotel interiors. It became the first design hotel of the city in 2000.

Some rooms come with free Wi-Fi and a spa bath. The furnishings go in line with the theme. Apart from that, one can also cherish the time at its Turkish bath. Its roof terrace supports sun loungers, shower, and bar service to let customers enjoy their moments beholding the iconic view.

2. Corte di Gabriela

Corte di Gabriela blooms with vibrant hues in the heart of the city. The 4-star luxury boutique hotel comes with amenities that enable one to cherish one’s stay in Venice to the full. With its pale pink building dating back to the 19th century, it thrills visitors with its grandeur. Overlooking the small canals of San Marco, the hotel is no short of luxury and comfort.

Adding vibrancy to its case, it runs on the principle of sustainability. The aura of the hotel churns a refreshing experience and makes one ground for the rich heritage of the city. Not just that, the room list gets a plethora of options for the customers.

They can choose from the luxury, deluxe, junior suite, junior suite balcony, etc., to make the best of their stay in Venice. Apart from that, foodies can win the best delight with the delicacies on the hotel menu.

3. Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast woos souls with its prominent location on the Grand Canal in Santa Croce district. The 15th century palazzo houses the best in class rooms for the Venice explorers. It stands high flaunting the work of the Venetian architect Daniele and his American-born wife, Brittany. The interiors speak for the culture and tradition that flourish in the iconic and vibrant alleys of Venice.

The five suites present the fusion of past and modern architecture. The modern hues take the front with the old world forming the background. The grey and pale blue shades running across signify the water that fills in the surroundings.

One can peep out of the windows to grab the boats making way over the rolling waters. Apart from that, one can cherish the roses taking on the brick walls, adorning its looks. Adding to that, fragrance of jasmine wafts in to rejuvenate souls, making the best of their stay.

4. Novecento Boutique Hotel

Serenity comes riding when one steps into Novecento Boutique Hotel. Stealing tranquility for customers, it supports a magnificent world within its premises. Poised between St. Mark’s Square and the Accademia, it secures its location in Galler Calle del Dose, off Campo San Maurizio. Its interiors fall in line with the theme of serenity. The earthy hues across the walls bring that out for the visitors.

Orientalism forms the heart of the décor. Not just that, one can find it supporting furniture from different parts of the world. The Mediterranean world and the Far East bounties flow in to add to its grandeur. It thrives with nine rooms on the board. Apart from that, the multi-ethnic furnishings also make it stand out in the hotel icon list.

It offers its customers to start their day with the bout of a refreshing breakfast on their table. Its internal courtyard acts as a perfect place to relish the homemade products. The sweet and savory buffet gets in the mouth-watering delicacies for them.

Thus, one can make the best of one’s money by putting stay at Novecento Boutique Hotel.

5. Aman Venice

Making waves in San Polo district on the Grand Canal, Aman Venice basks in the hues of uniqueness. The hotel rides on the historical legacies and bits. Its building features as one of the eight great Venetian palazzos. It comes with two private gardens to get an edge over the other hotel behemoths in the city. The vibrant hotel comes with 24 elegant guest rooms and suites. Not just that, one can look up to its grandeur for private events.

Its rich art and architecture win hearts around the world. Featuring in that list, one can find frescoes by Tiepolo. Its rooftops bestow customers with the opportunity to grab the iconic city view in the best possible manner.

Apart from that, one can also turn to its spa to cherish relieving therapies. Also, it goes around putting culinary events to let its customers cherish the flavor boost of world-renowned chefs.

6. Hotel Al Ponte Antico

Setting the best version of elegance up for the Venice visitors, Hotel Al Ponte Antico takes the top corner. Delivering the best in kind services from the palace belonging to 1500s, the hotel entices customers with its vibrant decor. Located on the Grand Canal, it overlooks the famous Rialto Bridge.

The 4-star hotel comes with a beautiful terrace to bestow customers the chance to grab the iconic views ruling the skyline. Not just that, the terrace has evolved as one of the romantic spots in the area. Despite its small size, it manages to woo visitors with its personalized services. The Peruch family members with the hotel staff deliver their vibrant hospitality.

They stand ever-ready to help customers in getting reservations and cherish the history of Venice to the full. Apart from that, the rooms also shape cozy moments. One can choose from classic, deluxe, luxury and junior suite to lead time in the best possible way. They come with all the amenities like free Wi-Fi, etc., to extract a soothing experience for the customers.

7. Ca Maria Adele

Ca Maria Adele sends in the waves of magnificence in Dorsoduro with its remarkable structure. Standing beside the Basilica della Madonna della Salute, it allures souls to step in and check out its offerings. Thriving close to Piazza San Marco, it shimmers in the brightest hues to mark its presence in the area. It dons the title of being the paradise for love birds looking for moments of togetherness. It has been carrying the theme since 2014.

Its relationship with Venice is that of love and emotions. Putting up a vibrant stay for the lovebirds, it comes with 12 rooms. They come riding on the velvet charm glistening in every bit. The best honeymoon destination greets its customers with warm hospitality.

The Michelin-starred GLAM restaurant turns the lights on for foodies. Its salads and pasta bestow eternal satiation on them. Not just that, the eye-grabbing view outside makes one forget the world rushing around and fall in for the sweet moments.

8. Hotel Metropole

Pitching up for a soothing experience, Hotel Metropole locates itself in serene surroundings near Piazza San Marco and the Giardini della Biennale gardens. It entices the customers with the vibrant scenery enveloping it. It overlooks the shimmering lagoon to get a scintillating view up for them. The 5-star hotel arranges for everything that would go into making an unforgettable experience.

Its elegance greets its customers in the best possible manner to win their hearts. Venetian tradition and architecture rule its sphere to the full. Orientalism forms the heart of the hotel with its eclectic décor, old mirrors, and rugs from the Far East, red velvet and antique collections.

The building celebrates its past in an iconic manner by putting the souvenirs on display for its customers. Its rooms glisten in the velvet hues imbuing the sphere with alluring bits and parts. Thus, the hotel conserves a legacy of Venice that continues to thrive.

9. Oltre il Giardino

Oltre il Giardino presents a twist in the Venetian hotel narrative. With the Church of Frari and the Scuola Grande di S. Rocco gracing its neighborhood, it provides its customers chance to relish their stay in a green way. It weaves a homely experience for ones looking forward to exploring Venice with home-like comfort. Located in the heart of Venice, the building was once home to Alma Mahler (widow of the composer Gustav Mahler).

The garden thriving with olive trees, magnolia and pomegranate churn the waves of peace and satiation for the customers. Apart from greenery lacing its corners, vibrant hues flow down to paint the scintillating facet of the hotel. Not just that, it also blooms with all modern-day amenities on the counter to put up warm hospitality for its customers.

It comes with six rooms, with paintings and furnishings giving them an individual entity. The restored furniture uniquely adorns the rooms. They glisten in hues varying from vibrant turquoise to dark chocolate, from dove grey to palest ivory to create a mark. One can check out the doubles, junior suites and the suites to choose one’s fancy room.

10. Hotel Londra Palace

Overlooking the San Marino basin, Hotel Londra Palace weaves the best experience for tourists. Since its inception in 1853, it has been serving the curious explorers with the rich Venetian heritage. It bubbles on the Riva degli Schiavoni with Piazza San Marco and the Bridge of Sighs falling in its neighborhood. To keep pace with the demands for reservations from all corners of the world, it supports 53 rooms.

They all hold a unique identity with their unique furnishings, tapestries and brocades. Each of them comes with a marble bathroom and vibrant amenities to woo their customers. Ensuring the best for customers, its reception staff and Concierge Clefs d’Or remain available for 24 hours a day to dispose of all sorts queries and grievances.

Apart from that, it rides with iconic restaurants and bar on its premises. Its rooftop terrace adds to its magic and vibrancy. The private dining experiences also get on the list to woo customers with the best in kind services and experiences.

11. Belmond Hotel Cipriani


Belmond Hotel Cipriani presents vintage charm and magic to its customers with all the vibrant bits around. Located on Giudecca Island, one can get to the iconic hotel with a private ride from St Mark’s Square, Cipriani. The 15th-century palace comes with delights that throw in the flashbacks of the past regimes in the city. The hotel fields for its spacious rooms in contrasts to its rivals.

The greenery surrounding the hotel unleashes air of refreshment. The garden and water views add to the beauty and elegance of the rooms in the best possible way. One can find royalty mingling with modern-day bliss and comfort in the rooms. The private balconies and terraces beautify the scenario for the customers.

To match up with the demands of the customers, it comes with a vibrant platter of rooms and suites. Not just that, it also offers rooms and editions for special events. Apart from that, it supports an Olympian-sized pool and spa. Not just that, it also comes with an alluring list of restaurants on its premises to woo customers.  Adding to that, it offers art classes, tennis courts and much more to entice customers craving for fun.

12. The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice

The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Venice is another name on the list that looks forward to building a reputation on its hospitality. Overlooking the Grand Canal, it bestows visitors with the chance to cherish the iconic views- from the island of San Giorgio Maggiore past landmarks Punta della Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute Basilica to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Tracing its roots to 1475, the hotel cherishes a rich historical legacy. Its 2013 renovation made sure that the bits signifying that might last long. It presents Venetian charm taking the form of private accommodation. It also holds the influences of the global dignitaries on its premises.  Celebrating its historical charm, the Gritti Signature Suite Collection comes high on luxury and history. Elegance and heritage mingle in the best way to put up a grand show for the customers.

The rooftop terraces add glitter to that scenario. Also one check out its fitness and spa corner to cherish the stay to the full. The restaurant list runs long to serve them with mouth-watering delicacies. Not just that, one can also reserve it for other auspicious occasions on the cards.

13. JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa thrives on the private island of Isola delle Rose in Venice, Italy. The 5-star hotel takes explorers away from the city buzz to let them cherish the lush-green surroundings to the full. Bubbling with the count of 266 rooms and suites, the name makes waves with its vibrant ambience. Not just that, it gives customers a plethora of choice to settle down for desirable accommodation options.

For that purpose, it supports a long list of rooms and suites available in the hotel. JW Venice Spa is the right spot to crash in to de-stress oneself. Adding to that, JW Fitness Room offers all kind of thrilling activities one would look to hit the fitness goals. Apart from that, it offers three kinds of pools- rooftop pool for adults, a family pool and a vitality pool.

Like many of its 5-star counterparts, it also offers a wide range of dining options to its customers. Also, one can get ahead with a reservation at the hotel to celebrate the special moments in the best possible way.

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