Visit These Langkawi Sites to Experience a Taste of Malaysia

Visit These Langkawi Sites to Experience a Taste of Malaysia

Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands, surrounded by kilometers of pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, lush green jungles, and spectacular limestone formations. It is located off the coast of northwest Malaysia and is just a short boat ride away from the Malaysian mainland - making it an excellent escape for city-weary travelers.

From its stunning natural beauty to the captivating history, and delicious cuisine, the island of Langkawi has something to offer every visitor. Below are the top attractions while visiting this tropical paradise.

1. Langkawi Geopark

The Langkawi UNESCO Worldwide Geopark is one of the global geoparks that covers practically the whole island of Langkawi, Kedah, and is the 52nd UNESCO Worldwide geopark on the planet and the primary in Southeast Asia.

Containing the whole 478 square kilometers of the fundamental Langkawi Island and another 104 islands including 3 forest regions: Machincang Cambrian Geoforest Park, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, and Dayang Hitting Marble Geoforest Park. - The best activity for nature lovers in Langkawi.

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2. Ayer Hangat Village

Ayer Hangat Village (Kampung Air Hangat) has 4 sections of land around 18 km from the air terminal. There is an 18-meter mural with the village's legend and a hot spring with three levels. The locals say that the mineral-rich water in these hot springs has medicinal properties and contains lithium, calcium, and radium.

Furthermore, there is likewise foot reflexology, a keepsake shop, a café, and a batik community on the second floor of the structure.

3. Durian Perangin Waterfall

The Durian Perangin Waterfall can be found in the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, which is to the northeast of Langkawi. You'll see a beautiful draping footbridge between lavish plant life and rock developments as you move up a short step from the entry.

A clearly marked path will take you all the way to the various levels of the waterfall after you cross the bridge. This Durian Waterfall's 14 tiers of waterfalls and numerous distinctive rocks are its main draw. It's perfect for picnics with friends and family.

4. Galeria Perdana

The Galeria Perdana is a museum that displays the awards, gifts, and souvenirs that the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, and his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah bt., received. Mohd. During his tenure, Ali received praise from both Malaysians and world leaders.

The museum will always change how it displays around 2000 of its 9000 collections. As a result, if you come here at a different time, you might not see the same collection as when you last came here.

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5. Langkawi Wildlife Park

Langkawi Wildlife Park is around 8 km from Ayer Hangat Town with an all-out area of five hectares. The park's landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful and lush, and it is home to over 2,500 birds from 150 different species.

Africa, South America, Papua New Guinea, Belgium, and Australia account for approximately 70% of the birds housed here. This park's availability of other animals like kangaroos, rabbits, beetles, squirrels, and apes makes it even more appealing.

6. Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam)

Black Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Hitam), is located 6 km away from Tanjung Rhu. The black color of the beach comes from the combination of tourmaline, ilmenite, and zircon minerals with granite rocks. Vacationers are in many cases captivated by the sights of the Dark Sand Ocean side particularly during nightfall.

You can go further west on the beach at low tide and find very peaceful spots to relax. Along the beach, there are also numerous seafood restaurants and souvenir shops.

7. Langkawi Bird Watching

The best places and times to watch birds are available at Langkawi Bird Watching Bird Malaysia, approximately 10 kilometers from the airport. There are over 230 species of birds in Langkawi, including both resident and migratory species.

About 30% are migratory birds that typically arrive between October and April from places like China, Siberia, and Manchuria. Come to Malaysia's rain forest to see the Jerdon's Baza, Brown-Winged Kingfisher, European Oriole, and Plain Backed Sparrow, all of which are uncommon.

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8. Gunung Raya

With an elevation of 881 meters, Gunung Raya is the island's tallest mountain. This mountain is home to numerous medically useful plants. You can drive the mountain to its summit in about 30 minutes or ascend the 4287-step staircase (approximately 3.1 km) to get there.

Tourists could take in awe-inspiring panoramic views of Langkawi, its islets, and the Andaman Sea from the summit of the mountain. There are some best activities for mountain hikers in Langkawi.

9. Crocodile Adventureland

One of the most popular tourist attractions on this storied island is Crocodile Adventureland. Explore the farm's various facilities to see over 1,000 crocodiles and alligators, as well as the stunning sight of trainers interacting with the massive crocodiles.

Take a ride in a crocodile-drawn rickshaw or watch a man-crocodile boxing match. You can hug these crocodiles and take photos with them if you are brave enough. These are just young and placid crocodiles, so don't worry.

10. Temurun Waterfall (Air Terjun Temurun)

The Temurun Waterfall, also known as Air Terjun Temurun, can be found in the Machinchang Forest Reserve, close to Teluk Datai. The Temurun River has the tallest waterfall in Langkawi, a 30-meter waterfall, and the surrounding area is good for swimming and picnicking.

Additionally, the local authority offers tourists a jungle trekking and sightseeing package, a barbecue area, and public restrooms. The best spot to unwind and take in the tranquil setting is without a doubt this one.


Langkawi is an island paradise with many activities for visitors to explore. From breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea to fabulous beaches filled with tourist activities, and unique cultural attractions, it is no wonder why this island is so a popular destination for tourists.

As one of the most vibrant cities in Malaysia, you will find an abundance of outdoor activities, cultural landmarks, shopping havens, and exciting entertainment. The top 10 Langkawi places to visit will provide you with an unforgettable experience. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to explore Langkawi.

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