When In Miami, Indulge In These Experiences

When In Miami, Indulge In These Experiences

Miami is the dream destination for souls, who wish to celebrate the winter times in the warmth of the sun and sea breeze filling the air with freshness. The Florida city keeps their spirits up by painting its canvas with some thrilling tourist gems. The queen of beaches enriches the visit by making waves away from shimmering sands. With iconic oceanic hues forming the background, one can win the best by taking on its streets and discovering its vibrant corners. The cultural beats tune in the rhythms right to make their hearts grove. The sizzling food corners boost some mouth-watering treats to unveil the flavor heritage of the place.

Summing up the must-visit spots in the city, here is the list of things one can look forward to doing to relish their moments in Miami to the full.

1. Snap The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Located in the vibrant corner of the city, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is the right spot to begin the Miami exploration after having enough of the beach magic. Opening the heart of Miami's history, it comes with the Main House, gardens, and village. Donning architecture effulgence, its Main House unveils the beauty of Mediterranean-style architecture in the best manner. With its construction dating back to 1914, the building throws open its doors to let souls grab its historical salience.

Disseminating green hues, its gardens European-inspired gardens offer a flash of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Italy and France gardens. With thrilling elements adorning its corners, it also offers a stroll through the native forest. Vizcaya Village adds the final dose of thrill by taking visitors on a ride unveiling the cultural heritage of the place.

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Offering a perfect mix of history and culture, one can cherish the beautiful life of the community. Making the best of its pulchritude, it steps up to offer an avenue for weddings and other occasions. Do keep your camera by your side during your visit to capture perfect pictures unlocking Miami hues.

2. Pump Your Curiosity At Phillip And Patricia Frost Museum Of Science

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is heaven for science lovers. The iconic spot allures science fanatics around the world. Sprawling across 250,000 square feet, it offers the best gems of science in its four buildings. Satiating scientific cravings bubbling around, it supports the Aquarium, the Frost Planetarium and the North and West Wings.

The Museum of Science cooks up fodder for curious minds by presenting the wonders of science and nature in iconic ways. It provides one with the opportunity to behold the starring features of creatures in the best possible way.

Marine life comes to the fore to entice visitors with its concealed beauty. The three-level aquarium opens the thrilling blue views to help one discover the darkest corners under the surface. Leaving the marine wonders behinds, one can brace up to float in the magic of the universe by stepping into the Frost Planetarium. The 250-seat hub unveils the thrilling secrets for visitors to make the best of their visit.

Power of Science, an ocean gallery, adds to the scientific euphoria by taking the experience beyond limits. One can go through research and discoveries from scientists around the world. To make the best of the visit, one can check out its schedule and events.

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3. Pick Your Favorites Down Lincoln Road

Shopping lovers go all smiles once they reach the buzzing Lincoln Road. The hustle and bustle of the area set the shinning stage for brand lovers wishing to collect some moments in Miami. Coming from the architectural bag of Morris Lapidus in 1950s, it offers the best in kind bliss to the visiting souls. With shimmering cafes and lounges leading the way, one can break away from the trip constraints to win some enduring shots of leisure and fun.

Apart from the appetite satiating corners, one can also venture into the Colony Theater to cherish the cultural beauty of the place. Thriving in the stretch from Washington Avenue to Alton Road, it arranges for bouts of amusement for visitors in different ways.

Not just the stores and boutiques, but The Herzog & de Meuron–designed 1111 Lincoln Road is also worth a visit. One can find a stunning parking garage making waves around the area. The overall arrangement thriving down the fully-packed road takes one away from the monotonic beach hues.

4. Magical Shots At Margot

Beautiful casual moments with the iconic beach feel come true with a reservation at Margot at Nikki beach. Weaving a rejuvenating outdoor dining experience, the natural wine bar by Bar Lab throws its counter open to allure wine lovers strolling around. The fleeting open-air arrangement surfaces by the beach to let beach lovers enjoy a scintillating sunset in their favorite moods.

With more than 55 natural wines adorning its counter, it savors its customers with the best in kind experience. The lights adorning the view add to the charm of the best place. The sandy hues go with the thrilling shades of the sky to set the moments rolling around.

One can pick one’s favorite bottle from 55+ options. Not just that, the serves in glass also stands in there with options. Dreamy moments hover around to cast their magic in the best possible manner. Apart from the wine shots, one can also check out the menu to supplement one’s feast with mouth-watering options. One can find vuelve a la vida shrimp ceviche, pan con tomaté and tahini olive spread with crudité bringing the tasty delight for customers. Get best deal on your stay with Expedia.com

5. Enrich Experience At Deering Estate

History rises to its best in its natural hues at Deering Estate. Preserving the bits of times, the Miami estate of Charles Deering (a Chicago industrialist, early preservationist, environmentalist, art collector, philanthropist and first chairman of the International Harvester Company) carries forward the shimmering elements for the public. Thriving along the coast of South Dade, it excites one with its vibrant surroundings.

Weaving the best facet of history, it puts on view the gems of history. Natural thrill holds the Estate to let one plan one’s visit in the best way. Going that way, one can go for hiking and cherish nature. Apart from that, one can also see the conservation efforts in bloom. From flora to fauna, everything wins the best version within its premises.

Not just that, one can also explore the research activities thriving around. The walk through the beauty of nature unveils some thrilling corners holding iconic fossils, etc. The tourist hotspot also stands apt for photography sessions. Art gems also secure enough space to woo visitors in the best possible manner to celebrate its history.

6. Win Taste Delight At ‘Robert Is Here’

Miami trip seems to be incomplete without pulling over the famous ‘Robert is Here’. The fruit stand has its story of evolution full of ups and downs. Rolling its business charts back in 1959, the family-owned fruit shop offers the exotic fruits from its farms. Making a beginning with cucumbers, the business house has evolved as a trustworthy name for its fruity bounties.

Growing over time, it has managed to add an animal farm, play area and picnic tables in its premises. Rolling out a long list of mouth-watering fruit combinations, it goes a long way in putting up an unforgettable experience at the stop. One can get one’s favorite fruits to mingle with milk to get the best in kind milkshake on the counter.

Also, one gets to explore “Grandma’s Kitchen” to win nature’s delights like honey, bread, etc. Apart from that, one can decorate one’s visit with musical beats and shows floating around on weekends and holidays. Not just the fruits but animals on the farm also give a warm welcome to visitors.

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7. Go Wild At Jungle Island

If you want to breathe in the jungle magic with all its natural obstacles, then you can head to Jungle Island. No doubt, the COVID-19 has forced it to close some of its parts for visitors. But there remains a lot to make visitors go crazy with thrill and excitement. With waterfronts adorning the views in all its charms, it stands shining to present nature in its best version.

With more than 300 species of birds, orangutans and other animals in its premises, it comes around with all the elements to deliver a warm welcome to the visitors. Apart from its flora and fauna treasure, it offers one the chance to test one’s will in the forest walks. Supporting Aerial Game Trek, it presents aerial adventure park thrill in the best possible way with four color-coded ropes courses, over 100 obstacles and two zip lines.

One can also cherish its Treewalk Village comprising five 19-foot tree houses giving way through hammock nets and wooden bridges. It also offers avenues for marking various auspicious moments and occasions. Wedding bells often chime at its plaza to celebrate the union of souls.

8. Circle Enigma At Miami Circle

The mystery lovers can get the best of their Miami trip by paying a visit to the iconic Miami Circle. A thrilling site for archaeologists, it supports twenty four mysterious holes that take one back to the pre-historic times. Thriving in a layer of Oolitic limestone bedrock, the holes ended up giving a perfect circle with 38 feet (12 m) diameter.

They provided archaeologists with priceless artifacts. With its age ranging between 1,700 and 2,000 years, it has signaled Tequesta Indians as its earliest inhabitants. Celebrating its salience, it dons the title of being “America’s Stonehenge”.

The historical site thrives in form of a park. Thriving in the middle of Brickell, it welcomes humans as well as their pets. Standing in contrast to the bustling nature of the area, it offers a perfect picnic spot to families and friends. With its waterfront, one can enjoy boats ferrying around.

The National Historic Landmark enthralls visitors with its lush-green patch mingling with the blue hues in the background.

9. Taste Cuban At Versailles Restaurant

Celebrating Cuban flavors and life in the best possible way, Versailles restaurant presents some out of the world Cuban delicacies to win the hearts of visitors. Being a hub of Cuban togetherness, it remains full with the Cuban community of the region gathering at the restaurant to cherish the dose of talks and food.

Putting up the title of being the “most famous Cuban restaurant in the world”, it goes ahead to do justice to it with its menu and taste. Cuban coffee makes way to almost all the tables under the banner for 24/7. Rolling out its business venture back in 1971, it has come a long way to evolve as a support-garnering ground for the local politicians.

Adding to that, it keeps the spirits alive by serving delectable platters of Cuban food. One can check out its bakery delicacies and desserts to make the best of one’s visit. The Cuban-inspired ice-cream makes to the favorites with its out of the world texture and flavor. One can cherish the outdoor dining option to keep up with the commotions around.

10. Win Tropical At Broken Shaker

If you are looking for tropical experience thriving in Miami, you can turn to Broken Shaker at The Freehand Miami. Welcoming the guests in its backyard oasis, it does not leave any stone unturned to offer the best to the visitors. The Best American Hotel Bar makes waves around with its out of the world hospitality to its visitors.

Apart from that, it wins hearts with amusing cocktails and drinks. Getting the best mixologists on the board, it serves its guests a handcrafted dose of its wonder. Making use of elixirs, syrups and garden herbs and spices, it looks forward to serving the international taste in the best possible manner.

Thus, the coolest boozes take on the platter to satiate their longing for rejuvenating moments. Adding to the refreshing vibes, its tropical ambience goes a long way in making an unforgettable visit for tourists.  One can win the best by planning a get together at the bar. It offers the best in kind services to put up a thrilling visit on its premises. Get best deal on your stay with Expedia.com

11. Soak Naturally At Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Building on the beauty of nature, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden weaves its bounties in the best manner for the delight of visitors. With its area sprawling across 83 acres of land, it derives its name and honor from renowned botanist- David Fairchild. It thrives on the design lines of landscape architect- William Lyman Phillips. It serves its guests with bits of amusement.

One can take on the trails to explore its vibrant rainforest. To adds to its beauty, a stream flows down to celebrate its beauty in the best possible way. Apart from that, one can go ahead to the sunken garden serving its magnificence to the guests

Apart from that, one can also find the much-celebrated vibrant vistas. Adding to that, a grand vine pergola also thrives to savor them with its magic. To nurture the exploration cravings among the visitors, it supports a museum of plant exploration in its premises in a beautiful way. Opening the box of wonders, it puts many shows and events on the list. Get best deal on your stay with Expedia.com

12. Catch Thrill At Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Thriving along the Atlantic Ocean, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park has been shining in the Biscayne Bay since 1825. Holding historical salience, it signals the freedom struggles that once raged in the peaceful piece of land.

The 400-acre park opens up the corners of wonder and amusement for visitors. Housing South Florida’s only lighthouse, it comes up on the counter as the best picnic place for families. One needs to climb 109 steps to reach its top and grab the iconic view. With the shining sand weaving magical moments, many elements build the thrilling narrative of the place.

One can see picnic tables, bike trails and rental water sports thriving on the site. Also, it comes with a parking place nearby to ensure hassle-free arrival of its guests on the shore. Keeping the appetite thunders in check around the spot, Lighthouse Café puts up a satiating menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not just that, one can park small vessels at the waterfront point for free.

One can also land at the spot to pitch for camping boat and fishing. Not just that, wildlife viewing also adds stars to its vibrant description.

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