You'll regret missing these places in Malaysia

You'll regret missing these places in Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with diverse cultures and landscapes, from bustling cities to remote rainforest villages. Malaysia has been voted as one of the best countries to live in for its economic opportunity, quality healthcare, and low crime rates. If you're looking for an unforgettable travel experience that will leave you feeling inspired and curious about the world around you, then don't miss the following places in Malaysia! 

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital and largest city, should be the first stop on any trip to the country. Although it may appear to be a gigantic metropolis at first, once you've found your bearings, it becomes a much more manageable city; there's so much more than what meets the eye! Old markets with colonial buildings stand side by side next to brightly lit Petronas Towers or high skyscrapers that reflect light, among other things, flare for miles upon miles throughout this vibrant town; not only does KL have has food (both delicious traditional cuisine mixed into newer cooking styles), intriguing museums dedicated specifically towards its diverse blend of Malay Indian Chinese population but also an arraying number performances/exhibitions put on regularly throughout different parts of central Kuala Lumpur. 

Sipadan Island

When it comes to scuba diving and snorkelling, Sipadan Island is unquestionably the greatest in Malaysia. This is Borneo's finest spot, where coral atolls meet some of the world's most colourful reefs with an abundance of underwater creatures both large and small that can be observed by even those without ocean-going experience; while also offering white sand beaches on top for tourists who prefer less activity but still want some relaxation time away from their busy lives back home!

The journey isn't easy: remote as well as isolated (you'll need a boat or aeroplane ride). 

Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara on the Malay Peninsula is the country's largest national park. It's a rainforest and wildlife haven, one that has survived outside Malaysian Borneo due mostly to its remote location--though travellers should be aware they may need permits before exploring this lost treasure chest since only government-sanctioned trips are allowed within Taman Nagasari boundaries. Travellers can navigate their way through these unexplored regions by riverboat or stay overnight at local villages connected via boat rides where you'll experience something new every day! 


Malacca is a small Malaysian town on the west coast with an eclectic culture and architecture to explore. The historic Portuguese ruins are one thing you'll find here. Still, there are also British era buildings as well as many more layers in between, including Kuala Lumpur's own Chinatown- which has contributed towards its UNESCO World Heritage status! Visit Jonker Street for some local cuisine delights or check out this unusual floating mosque that sits out amongst gorgeous beaches – not to mention stunning views from up top. 

Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru should be at the top of your list if you are looking to explore Malaysia's southern region. This bustling metropolis is home not only to some impressive architecture but also an array of Culture and history that can't be found anywhere else in this country- it may even beat out Singapore when considering which city offers more bang for the buck! 

Genting Highlands

For those looking for a break from the city, Genting Highlands is an intriguing place to explore. It has long been one of Malaysia's great escapes, and there are holiday resorts that cater specifically towards locals or tourists alike who come here with their family on vacation--but if you want something lower key than just sunbathing by pools all day, then don't worry because this amusement park offers plenty! 

Cameron Highlands

If you've had enough of the heat and humidity, head up into the central highlands for a change of scenery! The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia's most popular tourist destinations. Originated as a hill station for colonial British to escape during summertime when it's cool and rainy here with plenty more refreshing things that can be seen too as jungle walks through strawberry farms while taking in all this beautiful scenery which makes us wish we were again on vacation back home where there are always warm beaches waiting just around every corner.

Featuring tea plantations, the fruit industry plays an important role locally (do try their strawberries!). 

Pulau Pangkor

Pulau Pangkor is one of Malaysia's famous tourist places, but it's indeed one of the last undiscovered jewels on the west coast. The island is midway between Malacca and Penang but only a very few tourists other than local Malaysians who know how to get away from city life for some peace time at this rustic place with beaches so pristine they'll make your heart flutter! 

George Town

The site has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site the George Town is the embodiment of Malaysia's multiculturalism. Found on an island off the west coast, this area has been home to many different cultures for centuries. Still, it preserves its traditions today with its foodie's paradise, where you can enjoy both Malay breakfast favourites like roti or noodles alongside Chinese dumplings for lunch before diving into a delicious Indian curry at dinner time! The streets are full of character- bringing Culture alive everywhere one goes; it's not unusual here that street art adorns walls throughout town as well., making sure there'll always be something new around every corner. 


Langkawi is a must-see for any traveller looking to escape the city and enjoy some much-needed beach time. The views from this duty-free island are beautiful, as you can see down both sides of Kedah's coastlines in perfect symmetry with lush jungles spread across them like an ancient olive grove amidst snow-white marble temples; there's plenty else worth seeing here besides just scenery either - such as adventure sports like paragliding or hiking through winding mountain trails that lead up into mountainside villages where it feels like your whole trip has been leading up one magical moment. 

Best hotels to stay in Malaysia.

Hatten Hotel Melaka

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Pangkor Laut Resort

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Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands 

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Thistle Port Dickson 

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Hard Rock Hotel Penang 

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Best places for Shopping

Petaling Street

The winding streets of Petaling Street are a mecca for all your shopping desires. You can find Malaysia's favourite things here, from colourful artificial flowers to bag tags and apparel, even electronics if you're feeling adventurous! If bargain hunting is what gets you going, this would be the perfect destination as plenty of restaurants offer delicious food choices (so no need for those hunger pangs). People travel from different parts of Kuala Lumpur to sample some local flavours at their favourite vendors on these very same lanes.

What to buy: Bags, souvenirs, and fashion accessories 

Central Market

Central Market Kuala Lumpur is a short walk from Pasar Seni MRT Station and is one of the most incredible shopping destinations in KL. Inside this air-conditioned complex are many shops selling various nationalities' creative stuff, such as Indian and Chinese. Panda Eyes also sells a variety of high-end fashion accessories. Other types such as Kasturi Walk right next door can cater to your needs if street shopping becomes too intense. 

What to buy: Souvenirs, handicrafts, bags, and fashion accessories 

Suria KLCC

A must-see for shopping in Malaysia, Suria KLCC is located within the Petronas Towers. The luxury mall houses brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Louis Vuitton and showrooms such as Bata, which are much cheaper but offer great quality products too!

A stroll through this iconic place will take care of all your needs - whether you're looking to buy something new or want some inspiration on where to find that perfect outfit at any price point imaginable. 

What to buy: Footwear, bag, and apparel 

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion KL is a mecca for shoppers and is considered amongst the best malls to shop in Malaysia. This seven-floor complex houses big international brands and famous local retailers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, etc., all under one roof! Alongside Shopping, there's also plenty of luxurious spa treatments available so you can take advantage of this modern-day wonderland without ever leaving it. 

What to buy: Shopping places in Malaysia Fashion garments and accessories.

Berjaya Times Square

The Berjaya Times Square Mall in Malaysia is a place of wonders. The mall has over 100 stores, and each one offers something new for visitors to explore with their eyes or wallets! You'll find everything here from trendy fashion brands like Hush Puppies & Giordano; luxe cosmetics from Esprit.

The landmark on its own includes an array of amenities not usually found among other shopping centres: A hotel, theme park (with more than 20 attractions!), office spaces available too--this isn't just any old building!! 

What to buy: Cosmetics, candies, apparel, and footwear



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